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Are Cheap Garage Doors Really Worth Buying?

Roller doors that are supplied in the UK all appear to look exactly the same, but there is often a great difference when it comes to the price. This is often because there is a great difference in the quality of the product. For example an insulated roller door could be made using the thinnest aluminium slats along with a cheap option of internal components which are going to provide the end user with a poor amount of insulation, security and durability.


Seceuroglide garage doors fitted to residential properties


The most alarming reason for a roller door to appear to be such “good value for money” is because often the safety mechanism supplied with the roller door will not be compliant with UK regulations. An electric roller garage door should be supplied with a safety edge system which ensures that if whilst in operation the door comes into contact with something or someone, the door will detect the obstruction stop immediately and reverse the door curtain away from what it made contact with.



Do you know the latest garage door safety legislation?

Supplying a roller door with only a photo cell is dangerous and against UK legislation. This only works if the single beam is broken leaving all of the remaining area vulnerable. Worldwide there are a number of serious accidents including death caused by garage doors each year.

Any door that is sold with non compliant safety features is not breaking any laws by doing this, the responsibility lies entirely with the person who installs the garage door! This could be the builder that you have employed or you. Ensure that if you employ someone to buy garage doors on your behalf that you are fully aware of what you are buying and installing.


Child playing in front of garage door on driveway


Fully Compliant Roller Doors by UK Manufacturers

All of the doors that we supply are 100% compliant with UK regulations and our manufacturers work fully to follow and adhere to all of these. We would never sell a product that was not safe or suitable to one of our customers. We have had reports of customers contacting a company through an appealing advert where the price is low and from then dealt with a salesman who increases the price sometimes more than once. For some people saying no at this later time is very difficult and the price paid can be much more than originally stated!

By ensuring that you buy from a reputable company such as Roller Garage Door Sale you can be sure that you are speaking to a knowledgeable and experienced member of our team who have your best interests at heart. All of the garage doors that we supply come with manufacturer’s warranties covering the door finish up to 10 years and up to 6 years on the mechanical components.

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