Case Study - Replacement Garage Door in Berkshire

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Case Study - Replacement Garage Door in Berkshire


After a recent break in to their property in Berkshire, a customer approached Roller Garage Door Sale with a request to supply them with a new garage door to replace their existing one as they felt the level of security it offered was minimal.


Existing wooden garage door


Choosing the Right Garage Door Design

In addition to the security aspect, they were also keen to have a design that would be in keeping with the properties characteristics but also wanted to allow light to enter the building.

After liaising with the customer several times and offering numerous options, it was felt that the best solution to go for were a thermally efficient insulated roller shutter garage doors.

The main reason for selecting this design was due to the following benefits.

  • Provides improved levels of security compared to up and over designs
  • Simple styling will suit any type of property.
  • Easy to use with remote control operation as standard.
  • No handle required therefore removing any leverage points
  • Electric opening as standard.
  • Automatic locking every time the door is closed.
  • As the garage is attached to the house the additional insulation will cut down on heat loss and hopefully make the bedroom located above it easier and cheaper to heat.

Working closely with the customer, they sent us the dimensions of the opening along with a couple of pictures of the inside of the garage so we could check for any space restrictions that may have been overlooked.

Upon reviewing all the information we were able to provide an accurate quote that included the provision of three rows of vision windows within the roller door (located in the top section of the door to make it difficult for people to see through).

Having being happy to proceed with an order based on delivery taking place following week, the details were processed by us and sent through to the manufacture to be placed into production.

Once the door arrived at the property the homeowner arranged for a local builder to remove the existing wooden door and install the new one in its place and we think you will agree that the results look pretty amazing.




Replacement Gliderol Door


Gliderol insulated door fitted with vision windows


Gliderol Roller Garage Doors

To find out more information on the Gliderol insulated roller shutter garage door please click here. Alternatively if you would prefer to speak to us in person please feel free to call us now on 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

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