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Choosing the Best Method of Installing an Insulated Garage Door

Choosing the Best Method of Installing an Insulated Garage Door

If you are planning on fitting an insulated roller door to your garage, then there will be a number of ways this can be done depending upon the particular construction of the building.


Internal Face Fixed Garage Roller Doors

This method of installation is the most common position the door is fitted as it enables the maximum height and width of the garage aperture to be maintained. With the guides fitted to the back face of the opening (in the same manner that architrave fits to a door frame) and the roller mechanism  fitted above and behind the lintel, when viewed from the outside the installation appears clean and compact.

However, in order to achieve this, there will be a space requirement to allow all of the mechanism to be fully concealed from view. As a general ruler of thumb, you will need approx 90mm of space each side of the opening and 300mm of headroom. Although this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the majority of Gliderol or Seceuroglide designs all have this requirement.


Illustration of how a garage roller door is fitted


Reveal Fixed Roller Garage Door (Between the Opening)

Where space inside the garage is restricted or the building is constructed with deep piers at the front, the door can  be fitted between the opening in a “reveal fixed” position. Although installation in this position is easily achievable, please note that the drive through width and height will be reduced slightly due to the space required to house the guides and shutter hood.

However, provided the opening is of sufficient size to begin with this should not pose a problem when accessing the garage in a vehicle.  In fact, fitting the door in this position enables a few more inches of length to be achieved inside the space making it suitable for property owners who own large vehicles that barely fit inside the garage to begin with.


External Face Fixed Roller Doors

Although not very popular, it is also possible to fit the door outside the building. Fitted in a mirror format to the “internal fixed” installation position, the guides fit each side of the opening and the roller mechanism fits above the opening.

Whilst this method of installation enables the homeowner to make use of all the benefits of a vertical lift door, the fact the mechanism is on show can look unsightly and slightly industrial.


Garage roller shutter door installed in an "external face fixed" configuration


Combinaton Installations

Where the construction of the garage dictates a non standard fitting position, such is the versatility of an insulated garage door that it can be fitted in a whole manner of positions.

For example, if the garage has no space on one side of the opening, the guides can be “reveal fixed” on one side and “face fixed” on the other. 

As such, this form of physical security solution is one of the most versatile designs available on the market. In addition, the fact the curtain offers thermal insulation is also another great benefit that will save money of utility bills for many years.

So if you have a requirement for a new door, take a look around the rest of this website where you will find great deals on brand name garage doors from leading manufacturers such as Seceuroglide and Gliderol

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