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Electric Garage Doors - An Excellent Choice for Any Homeowner


Electric Garage Doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for property owners. Most households own a car and many properties have the luxury of a garage to house their vehicle in.

This along with a faster pace of life being ever more apparent, electric garage doors are a valuable addition to a household saving time for the occupant. With the simple touch of a remote control, home owners can vacate their garage without the need to open the door manually, get in their car, move the vehicle and then get out of the car to close and lock; only having to repeat the entire process on their return.

So what are the main differences that you are advised to consider?


Garage Door Prices

This is often the deciding factor for most people. They start out their search with a budget in mind and try their best to stick to it. Door prices vary due to the material that they are made from as well as the size chosen. A door which is made from solid timber will cost a considerable amount more than one made from aluminium or steel as the material costs more to source and a timber door will be solely handmade.

The manufacturer’s choice of parts that they use will affect the price of the door. Cheap parts allow the supplier to pass on this ‘discount’ on to the end user. This is not a good option to choose as the door is only as good as the manufacturer who is making it and the quality of the parts and materials used.

An insulated garage door can vary a lot in price. This is due to the amount of insulation that is within a door panel. Customers should be aware that it is impossible to see within a finished door panel the amount of insulation within. Cheap doors can sometimes not have entirely filled insulating foam in the slat or panel. Research has found large voids within some cheap garage doors. This is a very good reason to shop with a reputable supplier.

The more components that are added to the door such as glazing will increase the overall price, but at the same time will increase the weight of the door. The strength of the hardware used is paramount as this is what supports the door system in its entirety. It is for this reason that companies have their products CE marked to prove they been tested and approved.

Most suppliers will supply a white door at one price and then if you select another colour, it will cost more. If you want to colour match the guides for the garage door this will be additional. Adding a motor to the door will have extra costs. Customers can still stay within a realistic budget if they do their research and find a reputable supplier.


SeceuroGlide garage roller shutters fitted to a double brick built garage


Garage Door Materials 

The most common materials that are used to manufacture garage doors are steel, aluminium, timber, PVC and GRP.

Doors made from steel are generally very strong. Insulated Sectional Garage Doors are a good example of this as they are made with double skinned panels provide additional strength to the door along with insulation.


Sectional garage door panel


The timber doors which we have manufactured with Woodrite based here in the UK manufacture their doors using cedar, oak or idigbo. A hardwood door will cost more than a door made from softwood. Garage door made from timber allows endless design possibilities. Woodrite are a skilled team of craftsman who spend time on their assembly with precision ensuring that no door leaves their workshop unless perfect. Customers are able to request a bespoke style with costs applied to the work involved. Generally wooden garage doors are the most expensive, but the finished result can be one of the best.

Aluminium is usually used to manufacture an insulated roller shutter door. It is a fantastic material to make into individual foam filled slats. By making into individual slats allows the door curtain to roll up much tighter than a single skin roller door made from steel.

In parts of the UK the choice, style or colour can be dictated to a householder by the local authority (e.g.) if the property is within a conservation area. It may be that permission is sought before purchase and installation is carried out.



This is an important consideration to make when looking to buy garage doors as it may not only be keeping some of your most valuable material possessions safe but also if your garage connects to your property it is keeping one of your entry points safe and secure when locked. All approved garage doors will have had thorough tests applied to it to test the security. An example of this is can be seen in the Seceuroglide Excel.


Seceuroglide Excel fitted to stone built garage


A manually operated door should close and then be operated by a key. When locked two locking bars will move outward and sit firmly within the guides. Someone trying to lift the curtain whilst locked will have great difficulty in gaining access.

A quality electric garage door which is run by a motor will remain in the locked position even in the event of a power failure. Reputable retailers will supply this type of door with a set of key fobs which use unique codes to communicate with the motor. This is to prevent one fob being able to open more than one door.



All door types are not suitable for all properties or spaces. If the driveway to a property is limited, then an up and over door would not be recommended due to the fact that when opened it kicks out at the bottom, therefore if you were to drive onto the drive a decent gap would have to be left as to be able to open the door.


Gliderol-a-Door single skin steel garage door


Garage spaces that have minimal headroom above the lintel would find a single skin roller door an unsuitable option as this will sit below the lintel and reduce the drive through space available. If headroom is a restriction an insulated roller door or sectional garage would be a better solution.

There are some companies who offer only standard sizes as an option. Be careful not to convince yourself that this can work. Professional and reputable companies will offer a made to measure or bespoke size option for no extra cost to the nearest standard size.


Maintenance and Reliability

Modern garage doors require very little maintenance however it is recommended by manufacturers to service the door regularly to ensure that it is still running as efficiently as the day it was installed. Door components such as the belt drive of a motor may require oiling to prevent failure and keep it running smoothly.

As with your careful choice of installer, the person employed to service your door if not the manufacturer should be chosen with care. The Door and Hardware federation (DHF) hold a list of approved garage door installers and services in their records for you to search.

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