Helpful Installation Videos

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Helpful Installation Videos


We have recently added some helpful videos to our Youtube Channel that shows a stage by stage guide of installing a Seceuroglide roller garage door.

Broken down into easy to follow stages, each video is approx 2 minutes in length and covers every aspect of ordering and fitting a new door. So if you are unsure of any aspect you come across during the installation or are currently looking to carry out a DIY installation then we strongly recommend you watch these clips.


Areas Covered

  • Measuring the opening
  • Pre installation checks
  • Preparing the opening
  • Preparing the guides
  • Preparing the end plates
  • Building the curtain box
  • Fitting the curtain box
  • Fitting guides, rails and endplates
  • Drilling a hole in the curtain box for the motor
  • Fixing the axle
  • Drill loop and manual over ride mechanism
  • How to tension the spring
  • Loading the curtain
  • Setting the limits
  • Fitting the bottom slat transmitter
  • Adding the control box
  • Plug in and commissioning
  • Fitting cover caps and stop blocks
  • Fitting the optional hood


Additionally, if the information contained in the videos does not cover your specific questions, query or problem please do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice.

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