October is National Home Security Month

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October is National Home Security Month


With the darker nights of autumn well and truly on us the time of year has come again for National Home Security Month (NHSM). This initiative in association with Yale is designed to raise awareness of the preventative measures a homeowner can take to help secure their property.

For example did you know that thieves don’t need to use force in 3 out of 10 burglaries, instead they take advantage of unlocked doors or open windows?

This year Roller Garage Door Sale are proud to be a supporter of this initiative and as such have compiled a list of the most effective security precautions you should consider in a bid to reduce the likelihood of your home and garage being targeted by thieves, trespassers and vandals.


Doors and Windows

To prevent the opportunist thief from entering your home through an open window or unlocked door we strongly recommend that whenever leaving the room you always close the window or door. This is because it takes literally seconds for a thief to come in, rummage around and take any valuables lying around.


Garage Doors

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With the garage housing not only your car but many thousands of pounds worth of expensive bikes, garden machinery and power tools a residential garage can prove rich pickings for a criminal. We therefore recommend that broken or weak garage door be replaced with more modern designs such as high security Roller Shutter Garage Doors or strong and durable Sectional Garage Doors


Gates and Entrances

To provide a strong visual deterrent to the boundary of your property it is advisable to install a set of gates. In addition to the obvious visual aspects a gate fitted with a lock is difficult to get through as it place a physical security barrier in the path of anyone unauthorised to enter.


Security Lighting

With the dark winter months ahead it is easy for criminal to work under the cover of nightfall as they can conceal themselves from view easier. To prevent this from happening on your property it is advisable to fit a security light / lights that work on a PIR motion sensor. This way you are alerted to anyone triggering the sensor without the cost of having to have the light on throughout the night.


Security Alarms

If your home is fitted with an alarm it is only effective if you make sure it is set every time you leave the property so get into the habit of arming it as you leave. In addition to this we also recommend that any sheds, garages  or outbuildings that house expensive items also be protected with an alarm as a precaution against break in attempts.




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To find out more information about this initiative visit facebook and search using #NHSM15

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