Remember Your Garage When Considering Home Secu...

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Remember Your Garage When Considering Home Security

Remember Your Garage When Considering Home Security


The importance of home security should never be underestimated however one area of the home that is often neglected and overlooked is the garage. With this space containing many expensive items such as power tools, bikes, lawnmowers and many other similar items the value of the contents can soon add up to many thousands of pounds and as a result, they are often targeted by criminals looking to earn easy money.

As such, the team at Roller Garage Door Sale thought we would take a look at some of the best methods of protecting the space.



Replace the Door

Developments within the industry and improved manufacturing techniques allow modern garage doors to offer far higher levels of security than doors of old. With many styles featuring multi point locking mechanisms and some designs even meeting insurance approved standards, you can provide peace of mind that your valuables will remain safe at all times.



Fit Additional Locks to Existing Doors

Where your budget does not allow for a replacement door, it is possible to increase security of the existing one by simply adding additional locks. These come in many forms however the most effective designs tend to be similar in style to a ground anchor. Varying in price depending on quality and size, expect to pay around £15 - £100 for locks of this type.



Add Security Lighting

Criminals tend to like dark places as they can commit their crimes unseen from the gaze of the public eye. For this reason consider adding some security lighting to the access points. To save on running costs, these can be set on a timer to operate during the hours of darkness or can simply features a movement sensor that will trigger if someone approaches.



Install an Alarm

Adding a burglar alarm to your garage will prove a worthwhile investment provided it is correctly installed and set on a regular basis.



Keep Windows Locked

Where the garage is constructed with a window to allow natural light to flow inside it is important that any opening mechanisms be kept securely locked at all times as this will reduce the chances of anybody squeezing through inside.

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