Top 10 Tips for Installing a New Garage Door

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Top 10 Tips for Installing a New Garage Door


If you are looking for a new garage door to install yourself on a DIY basis here are our top 10 tips from Roller Garage Door Sale to ensure a hassle free fitting process.


Check all Measurements Twice

In order to ensure the correct door size is manufactured and delivered, we strongly recommend that you check all measurements twice prior to confirming them with us. This is because all doors will be made to order and as a result cannot be returned if they are found to be unsuitable during the fitting process.




Read a Copy of the Installation Instructions (prior to fitting)

Where copies are available, please feel free to download the relevant installation instructions for your chosen garage door design. This will allow you to take in the fitting process and familiarize yourself with all the parts prior to commencing work.


Use 2 People for Installation

Whilst the majority of the fitting process can be carried out by one person, there are certain stages (such as installing the curtain) where it would prove beneficial to have another person on hand to provide additional support.


Ensure Correct Tools and Wall Fixings are Used

The installation instructions will specify the size of holes and types of fixings to be used. This will vary from door to door so please make sure special attention is paid to this.


Don`t Rush the Job

The biggest pitfall that we find customers make is to try and rush the installation. They then wonder why certain parts of the door are not set up correctly. Instead, take your time, make sure you follow the instructions and work methodically. If you follow the steps detailed in the documents provided with the door you can achieve professional results every time.


Heavy Doors May Require Lifting Equipment

Certain designs such as single skin roller doors will be heavy (especially larger doors) and awkward to manoeuvre. It is therefore a good idea to hire lifting equipment that can raise the roller mechanism to the correct height with minimal effort and will support it in place whilst it is attached to the wall mounted brackets.


Ensure the Right Amount of Spring Tension is Added

Manual garage roller doors will generally have some kind of spring tension device that is designed to aid the user during operation. As such it is important the correct tension is applied to the springs. Too much and the door will want to lift of its own accord and too little will make it difficult to open the door. This is even more important in the case of electric roller shutter garage doors as improper tension can place additional strain on the motor leading to premature failure.


Ensure Safety Features are Working

Where electric garage doors feature a safety device it is essential that this is set up an working correctly. To ensure these steps are carried out please refer to the installation instructions you will have been provided with.


Keep the Door Clean

Cleaning the door on a monthly basis will keep the door looking its best for a prolonged period. Dirt, bird droppings and environmental pollution can react with certain paint finishes over time resulting in stains and pit marks that can lead to rust.


Service The Door

To prolong the lifespan of the door and ensure it is in safe working condition, we recommend you carry out an annual service. This does not take long and will normally only consist of checking all fixing are well secured and lubricating the required parts.

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