What Type of Lighting is Suitable for a Garage?

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What Type of Lighting is Suitable for a Garage?


Generally constructed with no windows to allow natural light to flow inside, it is important that you provide adequate artificial lighting inside the garage if you plan on using it for anything other than a junk storage space.

Provided there is an existing power supply serving the building, the addition of some overhead lights will be a cheap and simple exercise that any competent electrician can carry out for you.


What is the best style?

One of the most popular styles of lighting for a residential garage is fluorescent strip lighting as they are simple in design, provide a clean light, do not hang down from the ceiling and cost very little to replace in the event one of the bulbs blows. For a single garage you will probably require a minimum of 2 strip lights to provide sufficient illumination if you plan on spending more than a few minutes at a time within the space. For larger garages we suggest you double this quantity to 4 however this can vary from building to building.

In addition to providing sufficient ceiling lights, if you garage is set up as a workshop then it is also advisable to add some under cabinet lights that will allow you to be accurate in your work. The best types for this are either halogens or LED`s as these tend to strain your eyes less than other forms of bulb. Please do be aware though that if selecting the first option the bulb will give off heat so make sure no objects are placed nearby that could be affected by the radiated heat given off.


What other solutions are available?

If the garage is constructed without a window then one obvious solution is to cut out part of the wall, install a new lintel and fit a window. However, this is very time consuming and expensive therefore will not suit everybody.

Alternatively, we can supply a number of our garage roller doors with vision windows that will allow natural light to flow inside. Here is one example of such a door.


Roller Door with Vision Windows



Available to order in individual strips, the vision slats are normally positioned in the top section of the door to maintain security and are well worth the expense.

To find out more about this option on a range of garage doors, please contact us today on 0844 804 5577 for assistance.

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