Wooden Garage Doors – Choosing the Right Look

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Wooden Garage Doors – Choosing the Right Look


Where there is a requirement to purchase a new garage door there are hundreds of different designs, styles, colour and materials to choose from however nothing quite makes a statement like a set of wooden garage doors.

This is because the natural tones of timber and the random grain patterns will add a charm and character that simply cannot be matched by other materials. As such Roller Garage Door Sale have compiled a list of the options available if you choose to go down this route.

Double up & over timber garage door fitted to a large residential garage


Softwood Garage Doors

The preferred timber for constructing a wooden garage door is Cedar. This is because the grain pattern is quite tight therefore resists twisting and warping quite efficiently. In addition to this Cedar is light therefore perfect for use a building material for large doors fitted onto a steel or aluminium chassis.

The drawback to softwoods like Cedar is that they will dent and mark quite easily and will also require regular maintenance to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Examples of softwood garage doors


Hardwood Garage Doors

Most modern Up & Over Garage Doors are constructed from hardwood will use Oak or Idigbo as this generally provides the best results in terms of aesthetic appeal and resistance to twisting and warping. Whilst hardwood garage doors are by far the most appealing in terms of looks the major drawback to them is that they cost over twice the price of a Cedar garage door of the same size and design.

Examples of hardwood garage doors constructed in Oak


Accoya Garage Doors

A modern revolution in timber development Accoya has all the benefits of a tropical hardwood or treated timbers whilst being manufactured using wood from sustainable sources.


Wood Effect Garage Doors

Many major manufacturers now offer most of their door ranges in some form of laminated wood grain effect finish. Whilst the effect is not as aesthetically pleasing as the above options the main benefit is that the finish requires no maintenance other than the occasional wipe down with a sponge and soapy water.


Example of a golden oak laminated wood effect garage door fitted to a double brick built garage


In terms of design the most popular door type customers specify a laminated finish in are Insulated Roller Garage Doors and thermally efficient Sectional Garage Doors.


If you are looking to buy garage doors online and want to speak to an impartial company about how to choose the right material to suit your home please contact us today or view this page explaining Up & Over Timber Garage Doors in more detail.

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