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Are Sectional Garage Doors better than a Roller Door?

Unlike a roller door that coils up as it opens the name sectional garage door refers to the fact that it is made up of individual panels that hinge apart during operation.


How do Sectional Garage Doors work?

During the opening and closing cycle of a sectional door the individual panels rise vertically and travel along metal tracking fixed to the inside of the garage so that they move from an upright position to a horizontal configuration. To achieve this, the panels hinge apart and bend around a curved section of tracking and as a result once fully open the door panel sits within the ceiling space of the garage parallel to the floor.


Birkdale sectional garage door design


Why you should buy a Sectional Garage Door?

There are many reasons that you may wish to install a sectional door however here we take a closer look at the most common selling points

Insulation: If you plan on using the garage as a workshop or similar or if the garage is attached to the main part of the house then the addition of insulation to the garage opening makes complete sense. With a double skinned steel panel and around 40mm of expanded foam insulation sandwiched in the centre and rubber seals around the perimeter of the door they not only prevent heat from escaping from the building but will also prevent draughts and cold air from entering the space as well.

Design: Compared to a roller door that only has one design option (horizontal slats) a sectional garage door can come in a number of different styles making it easier to match the features of the door to the existing features of the property. With designs such as flat, ribbed, centre ribbed and Georgian panels being the most common you can create the right finish to your property be it modern or traditional.

Security: Offering great levels of protection against intruder penetration a sectional garage door is one of the most secure options on the market. With a double skinned steel panel, an overlapping designs and all the weaker components housed within the garage they will give you the peace of mind your belongings and valuables will remain safe whenever the door is closed.

Practicality: Featuring a space saving vertical lift design a sectional door does not kick out at the bottom during its opening and closing cycle. This neat feature makes parking issues on the driveway a thing of the past as a vehicle can be parked virtually touching the door and access inside the building is still possible. Furthermore once fitted with an electric opener the door can be opened and closed at the touch of a button giving the user a more convenient means of operation.


birkdlae high line sectional garage doors


Is a Sectional Door suitable for any Garage?

In most instances the short answer is yes. Requiring a minimal amount of headroom compared to a roller door installation is normally achievable regardless of the amount of internal space you have to work with making it a great option for compact spaces.


birkdale wood line sectional garage doors


What about the price of a Sectional Garage Door compared to a Roller Garage Door?

If you were to compare the price of a sectional door against the price of a roller door then they would come out pretty similar however it is not always advisable to shop on price alone as you may be ignoring a great feature that would be of benefit to you.

So to conclude is a sectional door better than a roller door? If insulation and a traditional appearance is your priority then yes it is better however if space saving benefits inside the garage combined with ease of installation is your main concern than the benefits of a roller garage door will far exceed the benefits of a sectional door.



If you want to find out more about our range of sectional garage doors we have on offer please take a look at our online store or if you wish to get a quote feel free to contact us on 0844 804 5577 or email and one of our friendly members of staff will be on hand to provide any assistance you may require.

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