High Security Garage Doors – Keeping your Valua...

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High Security Garage Doors – Keeping your Valuables Safe

High Security Garage Doors – Keeping your Valuables Safe


Think about it. How much money is sitting in your garage right now? Well here at Roller Garage Door Sale we estimate this to be somewhere in the region of £1000-£5000 (excluding the value of any vehicles). For this reason why is it that many people will happily spend £500-£1000 on a new TV yet back away from buying a new garage door costing a similar amount of money. Especially when you consider the fact that common contents such as power tools,, bikes and garden machinery which are easy to sell on therefore are prone to such thefts.

As such if you are one of these people we recommend you continue reading to find out what the most effective garage doors are on the market that will easily secure your valuable contents away from the hands of criminals.


The Problem with Traditional Garage Door Designs

Fitted to literally thousands of garages up and down the country the traditional up and over “canopy” and “side hinged” style of garage door is extremely popular however given the rather weak locking mechanisms tend to be quite easy to break into. Although this can be overcome using additional locks, ground anchors and rising bollards the extra time it takes to access the garage means most people don’t bother with these extras which in turn leaves the door as the weak point for intruders to target.

Because of this common problem, over time the garage door industry has started to realise the potential for different designs and as a result many major manufacturers have now refined a number of options that are inherently designed with security in mind. Here we take a closer look at the 2 most popular options as they provide the user with many benefits (in addition to security).


Roller Garage Doors

Although your first thought of a roller door might be the ugly, clunky things you see on shop fronts the reality could not be further from the truth. In fact with a twin walled insulated aluminium curtain available pre finished in a choice of powder coated or laminated wood grain finishes, auto locking mechanism and reinforced bottom rail they are an extremely effective physical security barrier that are ideal for small pedestrian access points right through to large double garages.

Couple this with the fact that all the mechanism, guides, electrics and other sensitive parts are house inside the garage away from prying hands and it is obvious to see why this garage door design is fast becoming the mainstay of the market.


Sectional Garage Doors

A kind of cross between a traditional “canopy” design and the aforementioned roller door this type of garage door offers all the benefits of traditional designs combined with high levels of security, user convenience and thermal performance. Featuring minimal weak points, 2” thick double skinned steel door panels and heavy duty locking points the sectional garage door is one of the most desirable products on the market and as such should never be ignored in preference of a cheaper style.

Constructed from around 4-5 individual panels (stacked on top of each other) the door panel rises vertically within side runners meaning there is no prying point the criminal can use to gain entry. As the door lifts it hinges around a curved track to go from the vertical in the closed position to horizontal (in the roof space) in the fully open position meaning it is ideal where headroom inside the garage is restricted.

To conclude, regardless of what you store inside your garage always make sure it is well protected against theft. If your budget allows we would recommend either of the 2 modern designs detailed below but if you can`t add an extra lock, be vigilant and stay safe!

To find out more details about high security roller garage doors and sectional garage doors for your home speak to Roller Doors Ltd today.

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