How to Keep your Home Safe and Secure

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How to Keep your Home Safe and Secure




Home security has come a long way over the past few years. In today’s modern age where we live our lives through our mobile phones, we can also keep our properties safe and sound from almost any location at just the touch of a button. Wimbledon estate agent Robert Homes says, “It’s now possible to remotely control door locks, garages, lights, home appliances and view CCTV footage through our personal devices, making it far less of a disaster if you get halfway to your holiday destination and realise you’ve left the oven on”.

There are plenty of DIY kits available on the market but many people still choose to have their security equipment fitted by a professional.  This is obviously a more expensive option, but it does come with the added bonus of having a 24 hour callout service if the worst should happen. Whichever option you choose, today we now have the technology to feel safer and more secure in and outside of our homes. With everything from digital cameras that connect direct to our phones to remote controlled sensors, alarms and intruder alert systems, it’s much easier to keep burglars at bay and avoid costly accidents.

If an expensive, all singing all dancing security system isn’t quite within your budget, there are still plenty of old fashioned tips you can use to keep your home as safe as possible. According to London Bridge estate agent Williams Lynch, “Some may seem obvious, but it’s always worth taking a little time to remember these precautionary measures”:

Lock your doors. Gone are the days when people could leave their doors and windows open all day, but a surprising amount of burglars still find their way into unlocked properties. When you go out, always make sure all doors are locked and not just those at the front of the house, particularly if you have easy access at the rear of the property.

Never leave expensive items or gifts within easy reach. Every Christmas thousands of people find their homes burgled and all their gifts taken from under the tree. If you’re going to advertise the expensive equipment and items you have in your home, be extra sure that they’re not accessible to potential thieves.

Keep your keys in a safe place. Anyone who’s ever locked themselves out will testify that it’s one of the most infuriating mistakes you can possibly make- but leaving an emergency key under a mat or in a plant pot is a disaster waiting to happen. Burglars expect to find a spare key somewhere like this, so don’t play into their hands.  Estate agent Plaza Estates advises: “Where possible, leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member who lives nearby, and always keep your keys with you wherever you travel.”

Following these simple steps may not prevent burglars from staking out the property, but they will significantly limit their chances of finding a way in. If in doubt or if you feel worried or insecure about thieves in your area, speak to your local police officer or join a neighbourhood watch group. 

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