Installing a Garage Door Between the Reveal

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Installing a Garage Door Between the Reveal


Flexible Garage Door Designs

Insulated roller garage doors require a small amount of side room for the installation of the guide rails as well as space available above the opening known as headroom for the door curtain to roll into. The idea of this is to conceal the door and its mechanisms from the outside. When either of these spaces is restricted an insulated roller door can still be installed but instead of behind the reveal it would be installed to operate between the reveal. The only downside that this might pose for the user is that the drive through width and height will reduce to house the guide rails and curtain. If the current drive through spaces is required then an alternative option such as a sectional garage door may be more appropriate.


Seceuroglide roller garage door installed between the reveal


If installed between the reveal an automated roller door will require a box to house the curtain which will protect the motor from the elements and maintain the security of the garage door. It is important to remember that this type of installation will result in the both the box and the guide rails being now visible from the outside. Colour matched guide rails and boxes can be ordered with an insulated roller door at an additional cost.


Garage Door Security Levels

Whether the garage door is installed behind or between the reveal it will make no difference to how well the roller garage door operates or compromise the security of the building provided that it has been installed correctly following the manufacturers installation guidelines and it is serviced as recommended.

There are a number of UK leading manufacturers who produce this type of garage door including;

All of the above manufacturers supply their CE marked garage doors complete with excellent warranties. For more information on this type of garage door please contact us today.

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