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SWS Seceuroglide Garage Doors | Now with a 7 Year Warranty


Due to continued product developments and improvements in manufacturing techniques the SWS Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Door now comes with the benefit of a 7 year warranty meaning you can have greater piece of mind as to the quality, reliability longevity of the product you are buying.

Compare this to cheaper inferior quality roller doors where you are lucky to get a 12 month warranty at your peril. The number of people we speak with who buy cheap then end up with a failed motor is more than enough to make you wonder why they bought it in the first place.

Furthermore, the Seceurosense control box / reveiver now also come with the same 7 year warrnaty provided it is used in conjunction with the Seceurodrive motor.  As such this makes SWS UK the only manufacturer to offer a  year warranty on both items combined.




What`s the Catch? – None, the Consumer Simply needs to Register their Warranty with SWS UK

As standard all Seceurodrive motors come with a 5 year warranty however in order to activate the free extended 2 year warranty you will need to register the door direct with SWS UK. 

Any door ordered that features this motor will be supplied with a welcome pack that contains all the registration information you need to know.

To find out more about the excellent range of market leading insulated roller garage doors manufactured by Seceuroglide including the high security Excel model click the links below or contact Roller Doors Ltd now by calling us on 0844 804 5577.

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