Worried About Security? Think Roller Shutters

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Worried About Security? Think Roller Shutters

Worried About Security? Think Roller Shutters


If you’re thinking about upgrading your garage door, or want to secure a workplace where valuables are stored, then investing in a roller shutter could be a great place to start. They’re a versatile and safe option for almost every storage space and could help keep your insurance costs lower too.

Select from different sizes, designs and materials as well as having the option of manual or electric roller shutters. They also offer a number of security benefits:

  • Roller shutters act as an immediate visual deterrent
  • They hide goods from view
  • Some brands are insurance approved

“Installing roller shutters on your garage at home or a workplace storage area would instantly make your premises more secure and also give you peace of mind,” said Central London estate agent LDG.


The Roller Shutter Hall of Fame

It may not seem important at first. But, when you start thinking about replacing existing doors, you soon realise you have a lot of options and it can be hard to make that final decision and go for something completely different!

We’ve got a couple of examples highlighting the strength and durability of roller shutter doors that might help you make the decision to have roller shutters installed.

Two incidents involving roller shutters made it into press articles over the summer:

In a piece on the BBC news website about  a drugs factory, it was noted that one such factory – in an office block near Scunthorpe – was secured with roller shutters. They likely lent the operation the look of an officially run project while also keeping unwanted people out.

Another incident was in a local Essex newspaper crime roundup. Reporters at the Dunmow Broadcast wrote that there had been an attempted burglary where the criminals tried and failed to force open some electric metal roller shutters.

Although these are just two examples of the security on offer from such shutters, they clearly highlight their abilities to repel entry of unwanted visitors.

“Roller shutters often encourage criminals to think twice before attempting to gain entry to a garage or storage area,” said Proskips.


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Garage Roller Shutters - Growing in Popularity

Another sign of just how secure and easy-to-use roller shutters are, is the sheer number of new commercial unit builds are installing them as standard. And, their popularity is growing overseas too with Australia, Africa and the United Arab Emirates beginning to use them more in construction projects.

Oswestry-based firm Aluroll has been very busy in overseas markets while also adding to its domestic range of roller shutter colours. Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue have proven very popular colours for garage roller shutters in 2016, according to the business. And, the firm’s shutters have been used in a town-centre project in Wolverhampton to make the newly installed shipping container market stalls secure and attractive.

“When you look into the options available for roller shutters, both for a domestic garage or a commercial unit, you’ll be surprised at how many there are,” said Paramount Properties, West Hampstead estate agency.

Whether you want a modern look or a more traditional style to match your home, you can be sure a roller shutter will deliver, on top of the highest level of security.


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