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Welcome to our Blog. If you are looking to purchase  new roller garage doors or are simply looking for some helpful information and advice relating to security in general, be sure to check out some of the following articles that make for useful reading. 


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Worried About Security? Think Roller Shutters

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your garage door, or want to secure a workplace where valuables are stored, then investing in a roller shutter could be a great place to start. They’re a versatile and safe option for almost every storage space and could help keep your insurance costs lower too.

Select from different sizes, designs and materials as well as having the option of manual or electric roller shutters. They also offer a number of security benefits:

  • Roller shutters act as an immediate visual deterrent
  • They hide goods from view
  • Some brands are insurance approved

“Installing roller shutters on your garage at home or a workplace storage area would instantly make your premises more secure and also give you peace of mind,” said Central London estate agent LDG.


The Roller Shutter Hall of Fame

It may not seem important at first. But, when you start thinking about replacing existing doors, you soon realise you have a lot of options and it can be hard to make that final decision and go for something completely different!

We’ve got a couple of examples highlighting the strength and durability of roller shutter doors that might help you make the decision to have roller shutters installed.

Two incidents involving roller shutters made it into press articles over the summer:

In a piece on the BBC news website about  a drugs factory, it was noted that one such factory – in an office block near Scunthorpe – was secured with roller shutters. They likely lent the operation the look of an officially run project while also keeping unwanted people out.

Another incident was in a local Essex newspaper crime roundup. Reporters at the Dunmow Broadcast wrote that there had been an attempted burglary where the criminals tried and failed to force open some electric metal roller shutters.

Although these are just two examples of the security on offer from such shutters, they clearly highlight their abilities to repel entry of unwanted visitors.

“Roller shutters often encourage criminals to think twice before attempting to gain entry to a garage or storage area,” said Proskips.


garage roller shutters


Garage Roller Shutters - Growing in Popularity

Another sign of just how secure and easy-to-use roller shutters are, is the sheer number of new commercial unit builds are installing them as standard. And, their popularity is growing overseas too with Australia, Africa and the United Arab Emirates beginning to use them more in construction projects.

Oswestry-based firm Aluroll has been very busy in overseas markets while also adding to its domestic range of roller shutter colours. Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue have proven very popular colours for garage roller shutters in 2016, according to the business. And, the firm’s shutters have been used in a town-centre project in Wolverhampton to make the newly installed shipping container market stalls secure and attractive.

“When you look into the options available for roller shutters, both for a domestic garage or a commercial unit, you’ll be surprised at how many there are,” said Paramount Properties, West Hampstead estate agency.

Whether you want a modern look or a more traditional style to match your home, you can be sure a roller shutter will deliver, on top of the highest level of security.


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High Security Garage Doors – Keeping your Valuables Safe

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Think about it. How much money is sitting in your garage right now? Well here at Roller Garage Door Sale we estimate this to be somewhere in the region of £1000-£5000 (excluding the value of any vehicles). For this reason why is it that many people will happily spend £500-£1000 on a new TV yet back away from buying a new garage door costing a similar amount of money. Especially when you consider the fact that common contents such as power tools,, bikes and garden machinery which are easy to sell on therefore are prone to such thefts.

As such if you are one of these people we recommend you continue reading to find out what the most effective garage doors are on the market that will easily secure your valuable contents away from the hands of criminals.


The Problem with Traditional Garage Door Designs

Fitted to literally thousands of garages up and down the country the traditional up and over “canopy” and “side hinged” style of garage door is extremely popular however given the rather weak locking mechanisms tend to be quite easy to break into. Although this can be overcome using additional locks, ground anchors and rising bollards the extra time it takes to access the garage means most people don’t bother with these extras which in turn leaves the door as the weak point for intruders to target.

Because of this common problem, over time the garage door industry has started to realise the potential for different designs and as a result many major manufacturers have now refined a number of options that are inherently designed with security in mind. Here we take a closer look at the 2 most popular options as they provide the user with many benefits (in addition to security).


Roller Garage Doors

Although your first thought of a roller door might be the ugly, clunky things you see on shop fronts the reality could not be further from the truth. In fact with a twin walled insulated aluminium curtain available pre finished in a choice of powder coated or laminated wood grain finishes, auto locking mechanism and reinforced bottom rail they are an extremely effective physical security barrier that are ideal for small pedestrian access points right through to large double garages.

Couple this with the fact that all the mechanism, guides, electrics and other sensitive parts are house inside the garage away from prying hands and it is obvious to see why this garage door design is fast becoming the mainstay of the market.


Sectional Garage Doors

A kind of cross between a traditional “canopy” design and the aforementioned roller door this type of garage door offers all the benefits of traditional designs combined with high levels of security, user convenience and thermal performance. Featuring minimal weak points, 2” thick double skinned steel door panels and heavy duty locking points the sectional garage door is one of the most desirable products on the market and as such should never be ignored in preference of a cheaper style.

Constructed from around 4-5 individual panels (stacked on top of each other) the door panel rises vertically within side runners meaning there is no prying point the criminal can use to gain entry. As the door lifts it hinges around a curved track to go from the vertical in the closed position to horizontal (in the roof space) in the fully open position meaning it is ideal where headroom inside the garage is restricted.

To conclude, regardless of what you store inside your garage always make sure it is well protected against theft. If your budget allows we would recommend either of the 2 modern designs detailed below but if you can`t add an extra lock, be vigilant and stay safe!

To find out more details about high security roller garage doors and sectional garage doors for your home speak to Roller Doors Ltd today.

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How to Keep your Home Safe and Secure




Home security has come a long way over the past few years. In today’s modern age where we live our lives through our mobile phones, we can also keep our properties safe and sound from almost any location at just the touch of a button. Wimbledon estate agent Robert Homes says, “It’s now possible to remotely control door locks, garages, lights, home appliances and view CCTV footage through our personal devices, making it far less of a disaster if you get halfway to your holiday destination and realise you’ve left the oven on”.

There are plenty of DIY kits available on the market but many people still choose to have their security equipment fitted by a professional.  This is obviously a more expensive option, but it does come with the added bonus of having a 24 hour callout service if the worst should happen. Whichever option you choose, today we now have the technology to feel safer and more secure in and outside of our homes. With everything from digital cameras that connect direct to our phones to remote controlled sensors, alarms and intruder alert systems, it’s much easier to keep burglars at bay and avoid costly accidents.

If an expensive, all singing all dancing security system isn’t quite within your budget, there are still plenty of old fashioned tips you can use to keep your home as safe as possible. According to London Bridge estate agent Williams Lynch, “Some may seem obvious, but it’s always worth taking a little time to remember these precautionary measures”:

Lock your doors. Gone are the days when people could leave their doors and windows open all day, but a surprising amount of burglars still find their way into unlocked properties. When you go out, always make sure all doors are locked and not just those at the front of the house, particularly if you have easy access at the rear of the property.

Never leave expensive items or gifts within easy reach. Every Christmas thousands of people find their homes burgled and all their gifts taken from under the tree. If you’re going to advertise the expensive equipment and items you have in your home, be extra sure that they’re not accessible to potential thieves.

Keep your keys in a safe place. Anyone who’s ever locked themselves out will testify that it’s one of the most infuriating mistakes you can possibly make- but leaving an emergency key under a mat or in a plant pot is a disaster waiting to happen. Burglars expect to find a spare key somewhere like this, so don’t play into their hands.  Estate agent Plaza Estates advises: “Where possible, leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member who lives nearby, and always keep your keys with you wherever you travel.”

Following these simple steps may not prevent burglars from staking out the property, but they will significantly limit their chances of finding a way in. If in doubt or if you feel worried or insecure about thieves in your area, speak to your local police officer or join a neighbourhood watch group. 

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Installing a Garage Door Between the Reveal


Flexible Garage Door Designs

Insulated roller garage doors require a small amount of side room for the installation of the guide rails as well as space available above the opening known as headroom for the door curtain to roll into. The idea of this is to conceal the door and its mechanisms from the outside. When either of these spaces is restricted an insulated roller door can still be installed but instead of behind the reveal it would be installed to operate between the reveal. The only downside that this might pose for the user is that the drive through width and height will reduce to house the guide rails and curtain. If the current drive through spaces is required then an alternative option such as a sectional garage door may be more appropriate.


Seceuroglide roller garage door installed between the reveal


If installed between the reveal an automated roller door will require a box to house the curtain which will protect the motor from the elements and maintain the security of the garage door. It is important to remember that this type of installation will result in the both the box and the guide rails being now visible from the outside. Colour matched guide rails and boxes can be ordered with an insulated roller door at an additional cost.


Garage Door Security Levels

Whether the garage door is installed behind or between the reveal it will make no difference to how well the roller garage door operates or compromise the security of the building provided that it has been installed correctly following the manufacturers installation guidelines and it is serviced as recommended.

There are a number of UK leading manufacturers who produce this type of garage door including;

All of the above manufacturers supply their CE marked garage doors complete with excellent warranties. For more information on this type of garage door please contact us today.

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Electric Garage Doors - An Excellent Choice for Any Homeowner


Electric Garage Doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for property owners. Most households own a car and many properties have the luxury of a garage to house their vehicle in.

This along with a faster pace of life being ever more apparent, electric garage doors are a valuable addition to a household saving time for the occupant. With the simple touch of a remote control, home owners can vacate their garage without the need to open the door manually, get in their car, move the vehicle and then get out of the car to close and lock; only having to repeat the entire process on their return.

So what are the main differences that you are advised to consider?


Garage Door Prices

This is often the deciding factor for most people. They start out their search with a budget in mind and try their best to stick to it. Door prices vary due to the material that they are made from as well as the size chosen. A door which is made from solid timber will cost a considerable amount more than one made from aluminium or steel as the material costs more to source and a timber door will be solely handmade.

The manufacturer’s choice of parts that they use will affect the price of the door. Cheap parts allow the supplier to pass on this ‘discount’ on to the end user. This is not a good option to choose as the door is only as good as the manufacturer who is making it and the quality of the parts and materials used.

An insulated garage door can vary a lot in price. This is due to the amount of insulation that is within a door panel. Customers should be aware that it is impossible to see within a finished door panel the amount of insulation within. Cheap doors can sometimes not have entirely filled insulating foam in the slat or panel. Research has found large voids within some cheap garage doors. This is a very good reason to shop with a reputable supplier.

The more components that are added to the door such as glazing will increase the overall price, but at the same time will increase the weight of the door. The strength of the hardware used is paramount as this is what supports the door system in its entirety. It is for this reason that companies have their products CE marked to prove they been tested and approved.

Most suppliers will supply a white door at one price and then if you select another colour, it will cost more. If you want to colour match the guides for the garage door this will be additional. Adding a motor to the door will have extra costs. Customers can still stay within a realistic budget if they do their research and find a reputable supplier.


SeceuroGlide garage roller shutters fitted to a double brick built garage


Garage Door Materials 

The most common materials that are used to manufacture garage doors are steel, aluminium, timber, PVC and GRP.

Doors made from steel are generally very strong. Insulated Sectional Garage Doors are a good example of this as they are made with double skinned panels provide additional strength to the door along with insulation.


Sectional garage door panel


The timber doors which we have manufactured with Woodrite based here in the UK manufacture their doors using cedar, oak or idigbo. A hardwood door will cost more than a door made from softwood. Garage door made from timber allows endless design possibilities. Woodrite are a skilled team of craftsman who spend time on their assembly with precision ensuring that no door leaves their workshop unless perfect. Customers are able to request a bespoke style with costs applied to the work involved. Generally wooden garage doors are the most expensive, but the finished result can be one of the best.

Aluminium is usually used to manufacture an insulated roller shutter door. It is a fantastic material to make into individual foam filled slats. By making into individual slats allows the door curtain to roll up much tighter than a single skin roller door made from steel.

In parts of the UK the choice, style or colour can be dictated to a householder by the local authority (e.g.) if the property is within a conservation area. It may be that permission is sought before purchase and installation is carried out.



This is an important consideration to make when looking to buy garage doors as it may not only be keeping some of your most valuable material possessions safe but also if your garage connects to your property it is keeping one of your entry points safe and secure when locked. All approved garage doors will have had thorough tests applied to it to test the security. An example of this is can be seen in the Seceuroglide Excel.


Seceuroglide Excel fitted to stone built garage


A manually operated door should close and then be operated by a key. When locked two locking bars will move outward and sit firmly within the guides. Someone trying to lift the curtain whilst locked will have great difficulty in gaining access.

A quality electric garage door which is run by a motor will remain in the locked position even in the event of a power failure. Reputable retailers will supply this type of door with a set of key fobs which use unique codes to communicate with the motor. This is to prevent one fob being able to open more than one door.



All door types are not suitable for all properties or spaces. If the driveway to a property is limited, then an up and over door would not be recommended due to the fact that when opened it kicks out at the bottom, therefore if you were to drive onto the drive a decent gap would have to be left as to be able to open the door.


Gliderol-a-Door single skin steel garage door


Garage spaces that have minimal headroom above the lintel would find a single skin roller door an unsuitable option as this will sit below the lintel and reduce the drive through space available. If headroom is a restriction an insulated roller door or sectional garage would be a better solution.

There are some companies who offer only standard sizes as an option. Be careful not to convince yourself that this can work. Professional and reputable companies will offer a made to measure or bespoke size option for no extra cost to the nearest standard size.


Maintenance and Reliability

Modern garage doors require very little maintenance however it is recommended by manufacturers to service the door regularly to ensure that it is still running as efficiently as the day it was installed. Door components such as the belt drive of a motor may require oiling to prevent failure and keep it running smoothly.

As with your careful choice of installer, the person employed to service your door if not the manufacturer should be chosen with care. The Door and Hardware federation (DHF) hold a list of approved garage door installers and services in their records for you to search.

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Are Cheap Garage Doors Really Worth Buying?

Roller doors that are supplied in the UK all appear to look exactly the same, but there is often a great difference when it comes to the price. This is often because there is a great difference in the quality of the product. For example an insulated roller door could be made using the thinnest aluminium slats along with a cheap option of internal components which are going to provide the end user with a poor amount of insulation, security and durability.


Seceuroglide garage doors fitted to residential properties


The most alarming reason for a roller door to appear to be such “good value for money” is because often the safety mechanism supplied with the roller door will not be compliant with UK regulations. An electric roller garage door should be supplied with a safety edge system which ensures that if whilst in operation the door comes into contact with something or someone, the door will detect the obstruction stop immediately and reverse the door curtain away from what it made contact with.



Do you know the latest garage door safety legislation?

Supplying a roller door with only a photo cell is dangerous and against UK legislation. This only works if the single beam is broken leaving all of the remaining area vulnerable. Worldwide there are a number of serious accidents including death caused by garage doors each year.

Any door that is sold with non compliant safety features is not breaking any laws by doing this, the responsibility lies entirely with the person who installs the garage door! This could be the builder that you have employed or you. Ensure that if you employ someone to buy garage doors on your behalf that you are fully aware of what you are buying and installing.


Child playing in front of garage door on driveway


Fully Compliant Roller Doors by UK Manufacturers

All of the doors that we supply are 100% compliant with UK regulations and our manufacturers work fully to follow and adhere to all of these. We would never sell a product that was not safe or suitable to one of our customers. We have had reports of customers contacting a company through an appealing advert where the price is low and from then dealt with a salesman who increases the price sometimes more than once. For some people saying no at this later time is very difficult and the price paid can be much more than originally stated!

By ensuring that you buy from a reputable company such as Roller Garage Door Sale you can be sure that you are speaking to a knowledgeable and experienced member of our team who have your best interests at heart. All of the garage doors that we supply come with manufacturer’s warranties covering the door finish up to 10 years and up to 6 years on the mechanical components.

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Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

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Insulated Garage Doors

It is important to remember when considering a new garage door in both residential and commercial garages that the structural opening is one of the greatest thermal breaks to the building and if not adequately protected will cost an owner additional money to heat. That`s why we work with a number of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Seceuroglide, Gliderol and Alutech who are all experts in manufacturing Insulated Garage Doors.


Reasons to Specify Insulation

Styles such as Insulated Sectional Garage Doors are designed to provide you with a warmer internal space, which is an essential if your garage is connected to your property or where the garage is an area that you spend a lot of time in then this again is an ideal garage door option to keep the area warm.


Save Energy Installing Insulated Garage Doors

The way in which this door is designed in being able to provide thermal values is through its foam filled double skinned panels. This insulation provides an immense amount of protection against the external elements. Insulation options include 20mm up to 45mm thick which provides additional strength to this door type.

Insulated garage door panel showing integral insulation

In combination with the thermal panels the door hardware also features a draft excluder in the form of a rubber edge seal which runs along the bottom of the door connecting with the garage floor space.

Internal view of an insulated sectional door showing rubber seals and tracking mechanism


As illustrated in the picture above the door is designed to rise vertically within a heavily weather proofed door frame to provide the user with an excellent level of thermal insulation when closed.



2 x Insulated roller shutter garage doors fitted to a garage with a bedroom located above


If you do not require an insulated door then there are other options available including:

Whether you are requiring a modern design or something of a more traditional nature, then we can supply this. The insulated sectional garage door is available in a number of different designs including Georgian embossed panelsribbed panels or an entirely smooth panel with no design within the panel.



An insulated garage door can be supplied in a number of finishes along with an extensive range of colour options so for all your garage door requirements Roller Garage Door Sale are on hand to provide help and advice so why not take a look around our online store or contact us today for a quote.

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October is National Home Security Month


With the darker nights of autumn well and truly on us the time of year has come again for National Home Security Month (NHSM). This initiative in association with Yale is designed to raise awareness of the preventative measures a homeowner can take to help secure their property.

For example did you know that thieves don’t need to use force in 3 out of 10 burglaries, instead they take advantage of unlocked doors or open windows?

This year Roller Garage Door Sale are proud to be a supporter of this initiative and as such have compiled a list of the most effective security precautions you should consider in a bid to reduce the likelihood of your home and garage being targeted by thieves, trespassers and vandals.


Doors and Windows

To prevent the opportunist thief from entering your home through an open window or unlocked door we strongly recommend that whenever leaving the room you always close the window or door. This is because it takes literally seconds for a thief to come in, rummage around and take any valuables lying around.


Garage Doors

Seceuroglide Garage Doors - View High Security Garage Doors


With the garage housing not only your car but many thousands of pounds worth of expensive bikes, garden machinery and power tools a residential garage can prove rich pickings for a criminal. We therefore recommend that broken or weak garage door be replaced with more modern designs such as high security Roller Shutter Garage Doors or strong and durable Sectional Garage Doors


Gates and Entrances

To provide a strong visual deterrent to the boundary of your property it is advisable to install a set of gates. In addition to the obvious visual aspects a gate fitted with a lock is difficult to get through as it place a physical security barrier in the path of anyone unauthorised to enter.


Security Lighting

With the dark winter months ahead it is easy for criminal to work under the cover of nightfall as they can conceal themselves from view easier. To prevent this from happening on your property it is advisable to fit a security light / lights that work on a PIR motion sensor. This way you are alerted to anyone triggering the sensor without the cost of having to have the light on throughout the night.


Security Alarms

If your home is fitted with an alarm it is only effective if you make sure it is set every time you leave the property so get into the habit of arming it as you leave. In addition to this we also recommend that any sheds, garages  or outbuildings that house expensive items also be protected with an alarm as a precaution against break in attempts.




National Home Security Month Advertising Poster


To find out more information about this initiative visit facebook and search using #NHSM15

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Wooden Garage Doors – Choosing the Right Look


Where there is a requirement to purchase a new garage door there are hundreds of different designs, styles, colour and materials to choose from however nothing quite makes a statement like a set of wooden garage doors.

This is because the natural tones of timber and the random grain patterns will add a charm and character that simply cannot be matched by other materials. As such Roller Garage Door Sale have compiled a list of the options available if you choose to go down this route.

Double up & over timber garage door fitted to a large residential garage


Softwood Garage Doors

The preferred timber for constructing a wooden garage door is Cedar. This is because the grain pattern is quite tight therefore resists twisting and warping quite efficiently. In addition to this Cedar is light therefore perfect for use a building material for large doors fitted onto a steel or aluminium chassis.

The drawback to softwoods like Cedar is that they will dent and mark quite easily and will also require regular maintenance to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Examples of softwood garage doors


Hardwood Garage Doors

Most modern Up & Over Garage Doors are constructed from hardwood will use Oak or Idigbo as this generally provides the best results in terms of aesthetic appeal and resistance to twisting and warping. Whilst hardwood garage doors are by far the most appealing in terms of looks the major drawback to them is that they cost over twice the price of a Cedar garage door of the same size and design.

Examples of hardwood garage doors constructed in Oak


Accoya Garage Doors

A modern revolution in timber development Accoya has all the benefits of a tropical hardwood or treated timbers whilst being manufactured using wood from sustainable sources.


Wood Effect Garage Doors

Many major manufacturers now offer most of their door ranges in some form of laminated wood grain effect finish. Whilst the effect is not as aesthetically pleasing as the above options the main benefit is that the finish requires no maintenance other than the occasional wipe down with a sponge and soapy water.


Example of a golden oak laminated wood effect garage door fitted to a double brick built garage


In terms of design the most popular door type customers specify a laminated finish in are Insulated Roller Garage Doors and thermally efficient Sectional Garage Doors.


If you are looking to buy garage doors online and want to speak to an impartial company about how to choose the right material to suit your home please contact us today or view this page explaining Up & Over Timber Garage Doors in more detail.

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What Type of Lighting is Suitable for a Garage?


Generally constructed with no windows to allow natural light to flow inside, it is important that you provide adequate artificial lighting inside the garage if you plan on using it for anything other than a junk storage space.

Provided there is an existing power supply serving the building, the addition of some overhead lights will be a cheap and simple exercise that any competent electrician can carry out for you.


What is the best style?

One of the most popular styles of lighting for a residential garage is fluorescent strip lighting as they are simple in design, provide a clean light, do not hang down from the ceiling and cost very little to replace in the event one of the bulbs blows. For a single garage you will probably require a minimum of 2 strip lights to provide sufficient illumination if you plan on spending more than a few minutes at a time within the space. For larger garages we suggest you double this quantity to 4 however this can vary from building to building.

In addition to providing sufficient ceiling lights, if you garage is set up as a workshop then it is also advisable to add some under cabinet lights that will allow you to be accurate in your work. The best types for this are either halogens or LED`s as these tend to strain your eyes less than other forms of bulb. Please do be aware though that if selecting the first option the bulb will give off heat so make sure no objects are placed nearby that could be affected by the radiated heat given off.


What other solutions are available?

If the garage is constructed without a window then one obvious solution is to cut out part of the wall, install a new lintel and fit a window. However, this is very time consuming and expensive therefore will not suit everybody.

Alternatively, we can supply a number of our garage roller doors with vision windows that will allow natural light to flow inside. Here is one example of such a door.


Roller Door with Vision Windows



Available to order in individual strips, the vision slats are normally positioned in the top section of the door to maintain security and are well worth the expense.

To find out more about this option on a range of garage doors, please contact us today on 0844 804 5577 for assistance.

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