Top Tips for Keeping Your Bike Secure

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Top Tips for Keeping Your Bike Secure

Top Tips for Keeping Your Bike Secure


In recent years there has been a surge in cycling and bike ownership. Besides it being an economical way to travel it has become cool to be seen on the latest models and interest in the sport of road cycling being boosted by the 2012 Olympics and Tour de France successes of British sportsmen.

Top of the range models can run into thousands of pounds so where do people keep them? Garages and sheds provide most shelter either overnight or for longer periods of time, so follow some of our tips and hopefully you can keep it safe.


Top Tips

1) When you get home from riding your bike, put it out of sight straightaway and don`t leave it out to attract unwanted passing interest as the fewer people who know you own a bike the better. 


2) The ideal place to store a bike is inside the garage or shed. In addition to having a high strength garage door fitted. Double protection such as extra locks is a good deterrent and won’t cost a fortune. Certainly not when compared to having to replace your bike.


3) If you live in a terraced house or flat there may be an accessible cellar or passage way that is out of sight from the road and can be fitted with a bike rack to secure and store a number of bikes. Specialist cycle and DIY stores will have a selection of these to suit various requirements and provide good security.


4) Purpose built lockers made out of plastic or metal come in all sizes and shapes and don’t take up a lot of room. Get a free standing unit or fit one to an outside wall and take temptation out of the way of the burglar. Some of these are designed especially for bikes and provide a quick and easy solution to keeping them dry as well as secure.


5) Purpose built, wall mounted bike racks or stands are easy to fit whether they are attached to a wall or under cover in a shed or garage. If space is very tight they can even be attached to cables on a pulley and raised up in the air out of the way. Fittings are available to house two or more bikes conveniently and easily. Useful when there is more than one cyclist in the household.


6) Many bike manufacturers build in anti theft devices and together with removal of a wheel will again all go to thwart the burglar. Audio alarms with piercing noises are good at drawing attention and hopefully sending any burglar packing.


7) On a very basic level just fitting a shelf to which the bike is attached by cables and locks offers a surprising level of protection at very little cost. This of course works better when the wall it is attached to is sturdy and not rotten or damaged.


8) In blocks of flats it might be sensible to approach other keen cyclists to enquire about clubbing together to buy a purpose built covered cycle rack. The cost of replacing several high end bikes could well justify installing such an amenity and you never know the landlord might be prepared to contribute. Something like this could also act as a repair shed for the essential maintenance and tinkering that is part of this pastime.


We have given you some tips on home storage and security but don’t forget your bike is probably at its most vulnerable when you are out and about. Use secure cycle stand`s wherever possible and spend some time in your specialist cycle or security shop to see just what is on the market to suit your exact needs.

Happy cycling!

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