Winter Security Advice for Garages, Sheds & Out...

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Winter Security Advice for Garages, Sheds & Outbuildings

Winter Security Advice for Garages, Sheds & Outbuildings

Whilst sheds, garages and outbuildings once only housed a few manual tools and left over tins of paint, modern homeowners need somewhere to store expensive garden and home equipment such as mowers and power tools.

With this in mind, in oirder to keep them safe from the hands of criminals, please take advantage of a few useful tips we have detailed below.


  1. If the house already has a alarm consider extending the system to include the garage. If not then a separate alarm can easily be fitted as long as there is a mains power supply.
  2. Fitting a garage door blocker on the outside is a simple method of bolting the door to closed. Car care and DIY stores stock a variety of these.
  3. Most modern garage doors are fitted with good locking systems which are fitted either horizontally or vertically and can be locked from within the garage or outside. 
  4. Security wires which are fitted to solid walls will loop through expensive items such as bikes and power tools to anchor them to the structure of the garage itself.


Roller Doors Fitted To A Storage Shed



  1. Make sure the shed is near to the house or clearly visible with no planting around it which could conceal a burglar.
  2. The shed is only as secure as its weakest point so ensure the door, frame and walls are solid with no vulnerable spots such as damaged or rotten areas.
  3. Although few of us would leave our front doors unlocked it is easy to forget about a shed especially during the darker winter months. In the summer we may go back and forth without thinking that it only takes for a few moments for a burglar to be in and out with your valuables. By installing sturdy locks, chains and lighting you lessen the risk of the opportunist burglar targeting your property.
  4. Don’t forget to replace any broken glass, preferably with laminated glass for toughness, and consider fitting a metal grill over the windows. Key operated locks are advisable on windows which open but think about screwing shut from the inside any that are never opened.
  5. If you have to store ladders fit metal rings and chains with security screws to the strongest part of the shed especially if you have to store them on the outside.
  6. Fit a battery powered alarm. These can be purchased from DIY stores or garden centres and are easy to install. Remember to check occasionally that the battery is still working otherwise it is pointless to have one.
  7. Fit lights which switch on and off during hours of darkness on timers .Solar security lights which have motion sensors are useful if there is no mains supply handy. Surprising any intending burglar can be sufficient to drive him away very quickly.
  8. Make sure fences are in good repair and panels can’t easily be removed. They need to be high enough that no one can peer over. Trellis toppers added on any that seem a bit low will provide that privacy screen.
  9. Fit bolts or a lock to the inside of garden gates and make sure these can’t easily be reached from the other side. A combination lock with a code that is only known to people who need to use the gate is very useful and gives good security whilst doing away with the need for a key.
  10. A gravel path is impossible to walk on silently and a good deterrent or warning to approaching footsteps.
  11. Thick thorny hedges in addition to a sturdy fence will keep out all but the most determined so look around your garden centre for suitable plan


In conclusion, it can be relatively easy to protect your valuables by following some of these tips but do remember all the locks in the world won’t help if they aren’t actually used. 

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