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What to Look Out For When Installing a Roller Door?

What to Look Out For When Installing a Roller Door?

Whilst the addition of a roller door to your property will undoubtedly provide many benefits to the homeowner, this particular style of garage door is not going to be suitable for all spaces due to the amount of headroom and side room that is required.

Regardless of whether the door is insulated or not, the most popular method of fitting the door is in the “internal face fixed” configuration. This is where the roller box fits behind the lintel inside the garage and the guides are fully concealed behind the brickwork pillars. By installing in this manner, the maximum possible drive through width and height is maintained allowing for easier access inside the garage if you have a particularly large vehicle.


Headroom Requirements

Depending upon the door manufacturer or the type selected, they will all have their own specific space requirements. For a single skin steel roller door this is generally around 450mm however this can vary so always check prior to ordering.

In comparison, even though an insulated garage door is much thicker, due to the difference in their construction they can be made to fit into spaces of 205mm however the most common requirement for this kind of door is 300mm


Sideroom Requirements

This will vary depending upon the type of door selected however will normally be between 70mm – 90mm for an insulated door and 90mm-150mm for a single skin design.

Although the internal face fixed installation is by far the most popular, a garage roller door can be fitted in other ways such as between the reveal or even outside the garage, however in this instance, the whole of the roller mechanism will be clearly visible when looking from the outside.



If you would like some technical information on the space needed for a particular door, please feel free to contact Roller Doors Ltd and we will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need. Alternatively, why not check out the technical specification of the Gliderol insulated roller door, the Seceuroglide roller garage door or the Gliderol steel roller door. 

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