About Roller Doors


Offering many advantages over other designs, residential roller doors have seen a significant increase in demand over the last few years and can be attributed to the following factors;


Space Saving Roller Doors

Primarily designed to be installed in an "internal face fixed" position within the garage, the maximum opening width and height can be achieved making access easy for larger vehicles. 

With vertical lift operation, the curtain opens and closes without kicking out at the bottom meaning cars can be parked very close to the opening without restriciting access. 

Another great feature is that additional storage space becomes available inside the garage where the old door would normally sit. making it easier to store household items leading to a tidy and safer environment for parking your car.


Single Skin Roller Doors


Simplistic Rolling Design

As the garage door opens, the curtain rises within the guide channels and coils around a central shaft as it rotates. This simple design results in the material being stored in a compact position above the opening (as shown in the above image).


Thermally Efficient Insulated Roller Doors are Highly Secure

The thermally efficient curtain of an insulated roller garage door reduces the amount of heat lost from inside the home making it perfect for properties that feature a bedroom above the garage or where the space is to be used as a workshop.




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