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Garage Doors - A Buying Guide

Garage Doors - A Buying Guide


If you are looking to replace an existing garage door or have a requirement for a new build garage, then you will probably be aware that there are numerous styles, colours, materials and designs to choose from. With so many variations available, it can often seem confusing to anyone unfamiliar with them however this does not need to be the case. 


What Types of Garage Door are Available?


In the UK, the most common styles are as follows;

Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks that will be looked at further down this article.


Choosing a Garage Door Design to Suit your Home

With such a broad array of designs being available the last thing you should do is rush out and buy one based only on the price as this can lead costly mistakes when you realise it does not match your garage.The easiest way to choose a design is to take inspiration from your homes overall look and mathcing the door to suit.


What Materials are Available?

Depending upon the type of door you require, there will be a number of materials available to choose from including steel, aluminium, timber and GRP. Please remember that each material will have different associated costs not only in terms of the initial purchase price but also the costs of any ongoing maintenance that is required.


How do the Various Types of Garage Door Operate?


Up & Over Garage Doors: Constructed from a single panel, an up and over garage door is fitted into a timber frame with the lifting mechanism fitted to the back of it. As the canopy is lifted, it swings out slightly at the bottom which poses a problem if you have a short driveway because the panel can come into contact with any vehicles parked.  Once fully open, depending upon if it is a canopy door or retractable door it will either be fully inside the garage or have approx one third protruding out the front. Available in manual or electric operation, up and over garage doors offer low levels of security and do not provide many benefits to the user.


Side Hinged Doors: Operating in much the same way as any standard door, this product is popular with period properties because of its traditional styling. Hinged off either a wooden or steel frame, the great benefit of this design is that the whole thing does not need to be opened if you only require pedestrian access inside the garage.


Sectional Garage Doors: Available in many of the same attractive designs as the up & over door, this model is gaining popularity with homeowners looking for the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques coupled with traditional styling. Constructed from a number of panels that hinge together, a sectional door hinges back inside the roof space as it is opened. Due to this hinged design, the door does not swing out at the bottom. Instead it rises vertically in metal tracks which remove the problem of parking cars close to the entrance. In addition to this, another major factor that sways people towards this design is that it can be manufactured to include high levels of insulation which is perfect for reducing heat loss from the home.


Roller Doors: This form of security solution is one of the most popular styles currently being installed. As the curtain rises, the material coils around a drum wheel into a compact roll that in turn offers space saving benefits including increased storage being created inside the garage. Couple this with the fact they are light weight and simple to operate and it is obvious to see why they are so popular. Supplied in made to measure sizes by leading manufacturers such as Gliderol and Seceuroglide, you can be sure there is always going to be the right size available to suit your required application.


Can all Garage Doors be Automated?

Whilst the vast majority of can be automated in one way or another, it is essential that the right motor is chosen to match the style of door you have. 


In conclusion, by taking into account all of the above information you will be able to make a better decision as to which style of garage doors are going to suit your home the best.

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