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Garage Roller Doors - High Security Solutions for Your Home

Garage Roller Doors - High Security Solutions for Your Home

When looking to make improvements to the levels of security your property features, one of the most effective types of physical security barriers are garage roller doors as they offer far higher levels of protection against attack than a standard door design.

Whilst roller shutters have been used for many years to secure commercial and industrial premises, it is only in the last couple of decades that the same simple design has been converted and altered to allow for use as a garage door.


What Makes This Type of Door Secure?

Unlike a traditional up and over door that features a number of weak points that provide criminals with an easy access point to your property, the simple yet highly effective design of a roller garage door features far less potential weak points as it has been specifically designed to prevent intruder penetration.

With an overlapping curtain and guides fitted to the back of the brickwork inside the garage, it is almost impossible to force the curtain out of its runners. The worst case scenario is that a couple of the profiles used to make up the door may pop out of the runners. In addition to this, the bottom of the door features a reinforced rail section that is designed to prevent it being forced from the bottom.


Which Type of Door is the Most Secure?

Available in insulated and non insulated variations, there is no one standard design of roller door that is more secure than any other. When choosing your supplier, you will need to make your purchasing decision on a number of factors including the level of service provided, the price and the features available.

Should you wish to invest more money in security, some models of such as the Seceuroglide Excel meet Police and Insurance approved standards as they have been attack tested to ensure intruder penetration is almost impossible resulting in added peace of mind to the homeowner.

In conclusion, the next time you are looking to make home improvements that will add style, value and security to your home be sure to check out our online store where there is a wide range of high quality solutions to select from sourced from leading UK manufacturers including Seceuroglide and Gliderol.

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