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Technical Advice for Architects & Builders


If you are in the planning stage of a new garage we strongly advise that you select your preferred door design prior to starting any building work as this will allow you to ensure the opening is built to the correct width and height. In addition to this you can also factor in the amount of internal space required to house the guides and roller mechanism.

Roller Garage Door Sale are therefore happy to work with you and can be on hand to provide any advice and information you may need. With years of experience within the industry and a firm understanding of construction techniques we can provide advice on the following.

  • Sizes of structural openings and what tolerances to allow for.
  • Details of specific side room and headroom requirements for each garage door type.
  • Where power is required for automatic doors we provide advice on positioning for easy installation.
  • Offer advice on levels of security required for a particular door.
  • Out of square or out of level openings.
  • Sloping floors.
  • Lead times for door deliveries.

If this was not enough we can also provide hard copies of technical literature along with colour samples of the doors. So if you want to take advantage of this no obligation service, please contact us today for more information.

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