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The Dangers of Photo Cells as the Only Means of Safety

The Dangers of Photo Cells as the Only Means of Safety


As from the end of July 2013, if you are fitting a new insulated roller garage door to your property it is essential that the door is CE marked and approved. A photo cell is no longer the only means of providing safety from the door impacting a person or object.

This change in legislation is to raise standards within the industry as many accidents have happened over the years through poor quality doors and safety features so in a bid to reduce this, changes have been made.

All garage door retailers and installers should be aware of the above change in legislation. Individuals intending to fit doors with only a photo cell for safety are now in effect conducting an illegal installation and ultimately leaving the door a danger to the user. As such, Roller Doors Ltd would like to reiterate the importance of this through the below comparison of the 2 system types


Single Photo Cell

The danger of this type of system is that it only provides a means of stopping the door at one point across the opening (where the beam goes from one side to the other). This leaves users vulnerable to being struck by the door at any point other than this.

As they are fitted low down on the back of the guides, they can also be easily be knocked out of alignment rendering them useless.


Safety Edge System

An insulated roller door fitted with a safety edge will provide a means of stopping the curtain should it come into contact with someone or something at any point of travel within the opening.

Fitted to the bottom of the door in the rubber seal, there is no chance of the system coming out of alignment. In addition to this, should there ever be a problem where the sensor stops working, the door will automatically revert to a “hold to run” operation where the user must hold the button on the remote to keep the door moving. 



With the above information in mind, whilst you will undoubtedly be shopping around to find the lowest price you can, please do not put the safety of yourself and your family at risk by trying to cut corners on quality.

To obtain a quote for one of our high quality UK manufactured doors by Gliderol or SeceuroGlide that are fitted with the compliant safety edge system be sure to check out this page or call us on 0844 804 5577 to obtain a quote.

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