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To Insulate or Not to Insulate?

To Insulate or Not to Insulate?

When replacing a garage door, the majority of people automatically see insulation as a good thing. However, what if there is nothing worth insulating? It is pointless paying out money on expensive insulation if you are not going to see any benefit.

That`s why we offer 2 kinds of doors to our customers. The first being the single skin steel garage roller door from Gliderol that is ideally suited to detached garages and the second being the insulated garage door by Gliderol or Seceuroglide that is the perfect solution for garages attached to the house.

When making your purchasing decision please remember that the majority of garages feature no insulation in the floor, walls or even ceiling. This means that in most instances you will get no real benefit from installing an insulated roller shutter garage door because it is a bit like closing one window and leaving the rest open. 


Gliderol Single Skin Roller Garage Door Technical Specification


With both designs offering many of the same benefits including vertical opening and compact roller mechanisms that enables more storage space to be created inside the garage, it is often the construction of the building itself that is the deciding factor as to the most suitable style. This is because garages are all constructed in different ways meaning it is not always possible to fit your preferred choice of door. 

Gliderol Insulated Roller Garage Door Technical Specification


So if you are in the market to replace your old garage door, when deciding on the most viable option, don’t automatically presume the insulated door is going to be the best simply because of its thermal efficiency. With the 2 variations having a difference in cost of around £200, you could be spending significantly more than is really required to achieve the same results.

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