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Want to Control your Garage Door via Telephone?

Want to Control your Garage Door via Telephone?

With the ever increasing popularity of technology and automated products, it is now possible to operate and control your roller garage door using your phone or tablet computer. As of Feb 1st this year, leading manufacturer SWS, the company behind the Seceuroglide range of doors have launched a new control system called the SeceuroGlide Connect.

The system works by establishing a connection through your Wi-Fit router to the internet that enables a range of phones and tablet pc`s to operate your electric garage doors in the same manner as a standard handheld transmitter.

Simple to install and set up, the SeceuroGlide Connect features plug and play technology that does not require hours of setting up and is therefore sure to be a popular addition for home owners looking for added convenience from their home automation solutions.

In addition to this great product, there is also the introduction of the SeceuroGlide Connet+ that has been designed to enable control of the garage door by a simple telephone call or text message. To set the system up you simply save the number into the control unit and the job is done. From then on, should you ever need the door to be operated when you are not at home (for example to accept a delivery) simply give it a call and the person waiting can be let in. Another great feature of this is that by sending the system a text message it will let you know if the door is open or closed.

Both the above control options are available to purchase at this time are compatible with the entire range of SeceuroGlide roller doors and are proving to be extremely popular.

To find out more information about this great new addition to the range, or if you are in the market for a new garage door, please call us 0844 804 5577 or visit our online shop.

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