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What is the Best Method of Installing a Garage Door?

What is the Best Method of Installing a Garage Door?


There can be a number of reasons why you may want to replace an existing garage door ranging from the fact it has reached the end of its lifespan through to the fact that it does not offer adequate levels of security to meet your requirements.

With this in mind, when considering your preferred style you will need to look at all the options that are available to you not only in terms of design but in terms of the way that it is installed. This is because modern designs can be fitted in a number of ways each with its own plus points and negative aspects.

Here we take a look at some of the options available and detail all the good and bad points to think about.


Internal Face Fixed

Unlike a traditional up and over garage doors that requires a sub frame on which it is installed, the space saving design of an up to date roller door from companies such as SeceuroglideGliderol and Garador enables it to be fitted to the back face of the opening. With the door installed in this position a number of advantages are gained including:

  • Maximize the clear drive through width and height (ideal if you have a vehicle that is wider and higher than the average car).
  • Keeps all the mechanical parts inside the garage away from the hands of criminals and reduces exposure to the UK weather leading to a prolonged life span.
  • Creates a neat and tidy finished appearance.

Whilst these benefits are great to the user, it is important to remember that this method of fixing the door may not suit all garages which lead us on to the negative aspect of fitting in this way.

  • Requires space to be available each side of the opening to mount the guides so they are concealed from view (when looking from outside).
  • Depending on the door design you will need a good amount of headroom space to be available. As a general rule single skin doors will require 430mm and insulated doors will requires 300mm (although a compact version is available with a reduced headroom requirement of 205mm).
  • Reduces the useable length of the building slightly (whilst this is not a problem for most installations, some garages are built with thick walls).

Internal face fixed garage roller shutter


Reveal Fixed

Rather than being fitted to the back face of the brickwork, reveal fixed installations see the door located directly between the opening. Whilst this is not the most popular method of installation there are still benefits to be gained such as:

  • The ability to fit into spaces without any headroom or side room.
  • Extra useable length can be gained by fitting the door close to the front face of the brickwork (ideal if you have a long car that fills the garage).

Whilst the benefits are not great in number this method installation should not be disregarded however you will also need to be aware of the following points.

  • With the guides fitted between the structural opening you will reduce the clear drive through width (not a problem if the garage is large however this may result in access issues if the existing opening is already quite tight).
  • The clear opening height will be reduced by the height shutter box (usually 300mm).
  • A full box will need to be ordered (at additional expense) to cover the back of the roller mechanism.


External Face Fixed

Although not greatly used, an externally mounted roller door is basically a reverse of the internal method of installation. Whilst considered unsightly by some homeowners there 2 main advantages of doing this which are:

  • The ability to maximise the clear opening width and height leading to much easier access inside the building.
  • Enables the full length of the garage to be used for parking and storage.

However, whilst the benefits are all good and well in terms of access you should consider the impact that installing a garage door in this manner will have including some of the following points:

  • With the roller mechanism fitted to the outside of the garage some people consider the appearance to be akin to a shop front.
  • Externally fitted doors leave the mechanism vulnerable to criminals trying to gain access to your valuables.
  • Increased exposure to the elements will place added wear on the components.
  • Unless the guides and shutter box are colour matched to the door a harmonious appearance is not achievable.


So now we have looked at the 3 most popular ways in which to fit a new garage door why not take a look around the rest of this website to see if there are any models which catch your eye. With a range of products available from leading manufacturers including market leading Seceuroglide garage doors we are confident you will find a size, design and colour combination to suit all residential requirements at an extremely competitive price.

You can also find out more details on the technical specifications of some of our garage doors please refer to the following pages:

Alternatively if you wish to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact Roller Garage Door Sale by phone or email and we will be pleased to offer all the help you need.

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