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Why do Roller Door Prices Vary?

Why do Roller Door Prices Vary?

If you are in the market to buy garage doors online you will no doubt have come across a wide range of products that are all similar in appearance yet have vastly different prices and asked yourself why. Well, the reason for these differences is often difficult to see from a picture, however once compared in real life next to each other the differences in quality is obvious.


Steel Roller Doors

In the UK the market leader for the single skin steel roller door is Gliderol. They have been manufacturing doors for over 30 years from their factory in County Durham and have developed the product into what it has become today. Although a very simple design, the parts used are either made in house or sourced from leading component suppliers to ensure the product is not only durable and easy to operate, but is also safe for the user to operate at all times. With all doors being CE marked, you can rest assured that the product is fully compliant with the latest safety legislation.

Manufactured using a single sheet of steel, the curtain gains its strength from the ribbed profile that is embossed during the manufacturing process.

Available in a wide range of bespoke sizes in a wide array of colours the Gliderol single skin roller door is the perfect addition to any garage where thermal insulation is not required.


Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Probably one of the most competitive niches in the garage door industry, this form of physical security solution is the perfect investment for any homeowner looking for all the benefits of a high security door coupled with thermal and acoustic performance. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, this design is a more versatile alternative to the single skin door.

However, quality varies dramatically depending upon the manufacturer. For example, you can buy a cheap imported product that will claim to do this and that for only £300 on some online auction sites however we strongly advise that you be extremely dubious about these as quality will inferior when compared to a UK or European manufactured product.

The 2 most important factors to consider when comparing the prices of insulated roller doors is the following:

  • Is the door CE marked to ensure compliance with the latest EU legislation?
  • Is the door fitted with a safety edge?

If you find a product for sale that does not meet the above criteria we would advise you to walk away as you will be buying your self problems in the future. As such, for a single door that fulfils the criteria set out above, you should be expecting to pay upwards of £850.


In addition to the 2 most important factors detailed above, it is also strongly advisable to ask some further questions to get a feel for the quality of the door;

What warranty is offered on the motor?

Doors fitted with cheap motors that only have a 12 month warranty will tend to burn out quickly as they are not really up to the job in the first place. You will be much better opting for a motor that has a minimum of 5 years warranty to be sure it is capable of opening and closing the door on a regular basis.


What is the thickness of the door curtain?

For optimum strength, security and thermal performance, the door should be manufactured using 77mm x 18mm lath for the standard design and 55mm x 13mm lath for the compact door.


What other warranties are offered?

high quality door should have a minimum warranty of between 5- 10 years on the exterior finish and 2 years on mechanical components. Any less than this and parts will need replacing in only a few months.


Are spare parts readily available?

Should you ever need to get hold of spare parts, it is essential these are readily available so as you can maintain the integrity of your security at all times. UK manufactured doors from companies such as Seceuroglide and Gliderol all have a wide range of parts that can be purchased and delivered in only a couple of days.


In conclusion, please do not be fooled into buying a cheap garage door as it will prove to be a “false economy” and in some cases an accident waiting to happen. Instead, opt for a more expensive product that will withstand the test of time and ultimately provide reliability and peace of mind that it is safe to use therefore protecting you and your family. 



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