Electric Roller Doors

Electric Roller Doors


What happens if the power fails on an automatic door? 

All the electric garage roller doors we supply are fitted as standard with an internal manual release mechanism that allows the curtain to be operated by hand in the event of a power failure.

  • Single skin doors are fitted with a switch on the motor that should be flicked to deactivate the mechanism. 
  • Insulated garage doors are fitted with an internal crank handle that enables the user to wind the curtain open and closed.

Please note that this is only applicable to buildings with an alternate entrance. If no other access point is available, you will require an external manual release that will allow the door to be opened by hand from the outside in the vent of a power failure.


From what distance will the remote control work?

Depending upon the strength of signal and battery life, this will vary. As a rule of thumb, the maximum range of operation by remote control is approx 50 meters.


How long does the courtesy light stay on?

The inbuilt courtesy light is fitted with a timer that enables it to remain lit for approx 1 minute after you have entered or exited the garage.