Manual Roller Doors

Manual Roller Doors


How are manual garage roller doors operated?

Regardless of the size of residential garage door you order they are all operated by hand in what is often referred to as a “push up, pull down” manner. To aid the user lift the doors weight the barrel will have a spring inside that is set under tension which aids in operation.


What sizes are available?

Gliderol roller doors are available to suit a maximum opening width of 4900mm (16ft 1”) and a maximum opening height of 3055mm (10ft). Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Doors are available with a maximum overall width of 3000mm and a maximum overall height of 2600mm. Gliderol manual insulated roller doors can be manufactured slightly wider as the maximum overall width is 3550mm and maximum overall height is 2738mm.


How do they lock?

Both single skin roller door and insulated garage roller shutter doors feature a centre mounted lock that is secured using a key. In addition to being able to secure the door from the outside it is also possible to activate the locking mechanism from inside as well thus offering added user convenience.

Gliderol steel roller door internal view showing locking bars and integral locking mechanism


Can the door be mounted externally?

Gliderol single skin roller garage doors and the Seceuroglide Manual are designed to be fitted inside the garage only (internal face fixed). Gliderol insulated doors can be mounted inside the garage (internal face fixed) or may also be fitted between the opening (reveal fixed).

For more information on how any of our garage doors can be installed please refer to the technical specification pages for each manufacture.



Why are manual insulated garage doors not available in a laminated woodgrain finish?

Due to the manufacturing process the lath that contains the locking bar is not able to be laminated.


Can they be upgraded to automation at a later date?

Our range of Gliderol single skin roller doors can be upgraded to automatic operation at a later date with the addition of the RW-1 Retrofit garage door operator. It is not possible to convert an insulated roller shutter garage door to operate by remote control at a later date.


Gliderol RW-1 garage door operator illustration


How is the spring tension set?

To aid in operating the door by hand a roller door will have a torsion spring mounted within the barrel of the roll. Setting the tension will be detailed in the installation instructions supplied at the time of delivery or can be downloaded here.


Why is the roller door difficult to operate?

If the door wants to rise or fall of its own accord or is very difficult to operate the likely cause is incorrect spring tension. In these instances always refer to the relevant manufacturer`s instructions for advice on how to make adjustments.