Timber Garage Doors

Timber Garage Doors

Double wooden garage doors fitted to domestic garage


What kind of timber is available?

Our range of wooden garage doors are available to order in the following timbers as standard.

  • Cedar
  • Idigbo
  • Oak
  • Accoya

Where an alternate timber species is required please contact us to obtain a price.


What sizes are available?

Up & over garage doors are available in a choice of standard and bespoke sizes to ensure the correct fit to your garage. Sizes available range from 2134mm (7ft) up to 4877mm (16ft).

Side hinged doors are all manufactured in made to measure sizes up to a maximum width of 3048mm (10ft) and a maximum height of 2438mm (8ft)


Is it possible to customise the look of the door?

Yes. You can choose to add a factory applied stain, select the handle colour, specify the type of frame and even choose the glazing option on doors that feature windows.


Are non standard designs available?

It is possible to modify an existing design or even manufacture a design to your own specification. For more information on this option please contact us.


How will the garage doors be operated?

All up & over garage doors are supplied with retractable gear as standard meaning the door slides back inside the garage on tracks when open. As a result of this Woodrite doors perfect for automation. As an alternative option “canopy gear” is available on single doors up to 2438mm (8ft) wide and 2134mm (7ft) high. Please be aware that if selecting the latter option we do not recommend the use of a garage door motor unless using the appropriate bow arm convertor.


Side hinged doors swing outwards onto the driveway on hinges fitted to the frame. The benfit of this is that the whole door does not need to be opened to allow for pedestrian access however as space is taken up by the swinging arch of each leaf this style of garage door is not suitable for all properties.


Is there a difference in appearance between single and double garage doors?

To maintain aesthetics of each design double garage doors (over 10ft 6” wide) are manufactured to give the appearance of two single door fitted side by side. Garage doors smaller than this are built with repeated features to achieve a balanced overall appearance.


How accurate are the shades of stain shown?

The options available are intended as a guide only. If you have a specific colour in mind please contact us for advice before ordering. This is because timber is a natural material and as such the same shade of stain used on 2 different tones of timber can result in massive differences to the overall finish (see below).


Image shows the effect of using different timber boards on a single shade of stain


The above image illustrates how the tone of timber used to construct the garage door can effect its overall appearance.

3. Treated with base coat preservative

2.  One coat of stain applied (Light Oak)

1. Top coat of stain applied (Light Oak)

The colour variations between light, medium and dark boards is clearly visible (from left to right).