SeceuroGlide Connect +

SeceuroGlide Connect +

Operate your Garage Door by Making a Call from a Telephone

The Connect + options will enable you to control of your SeceuroGlide roller garage door through a telephone call or simple text message. This gives you complete peace of mind and additional security for your possessions.

If you are expecting a delivery and are not at the property, then you can open your garage door through a telephone allowing you to accept a parcel or give access to trades men.


Total Control of you Roller Door from Anywhere in the World

Have you left your property and unsure that you have closed your garage door? With the Connect + you can send a text message to your door to ask it. You will receive a reply within a short space of time that will confirm the status you have left the door.

The SeceuroGlide Connect + System is available exclusively on our SeceuroGlide range of doors.