Up & Over Timber Garage Doors Explained

Woodrite garage doors fitted to a triple garage

Woodrite Up & Over Garage Doors


To ensure you receive products of only the highest quality all Woodrite garage doors are made to order. Depending whether you order from the SomersetBuckinghamBalmoralYork or Monmouth range the garage doors will be made from a variety of grade one timber materials including

  • Cedar or Idigbo tongue and groove boards
  • Cedar, Idigbo, Oak, or Accoya mouldings
  • Cedar or Oak faced ply
  • Cedar or Idigbo raised and fielded panels

Regardless of the style and material you order all Woodrite up & over and side hinged wooden garage doors are made to order in both standard and made to measure sizes to ensure a proper fit to your garage opening. So whether you are looking to buy Oak garage doors (Monmouth) or prefer the more cost effective option of Cedar garage door (Somerset, York, Balmoral, Buckingham) Woodrite will have the perfect style to suit your requirements at a very competitive price.


Up & Over Garage Doors

Woodrite Up & Over Doors are available with a choice of panel built and solid built construction. Here we outline the key differences to help you decide which is the best option for your garage.


Woodrite Chalfont up and over timber garage door fitted to a brick built garage with clay tiled roof


Panel Built

Wooden Garage Doors constructed in this manner offer a cost effective means of achieving a premium look at a relatively affordable price. As the name suggests the timber panel is mounted onto a steel chassis or aluminium sub frame which allows the door to gain strength and rigidity without the timber needing to be braced thus preventing it from bowing under its own wieght when in the open position.


Panel built wooden garage doors showing inside face and steel or aluminium chassis

Woodrite doors utilise 2 types of lifting gear on the panel built range of doors. Regardless of which option you choose the chassis will not be visible as the door panel covers this meanig all that is visible is edge to edge timber (a feature that is unique to Woodrite).

Please note that the SomersetBuckingham and Monmouth options are only available in a panel-build option whilst the Warwick and Thetford can be manufactured as panel built door if requested.




In comparison to panel built doors that are mounted onto a steel or aluminium sub frame Woodrite garage doors that are solid built rely solely on the strength of the door panel, the joinery techniques employed and its quality of construction.


Solid built wooden garage door showing inside face and lifting gear fitted


To achieve this solid-build garage doors feature deeper edge rails, thicker profiles and chamfered detailing. On the inside the lack of chassis means the doors look just as good as the outside!

Please note the Balmoral and York ranges are only available in a solid-build option. Warwick and Thetford ranges can be manufactured to this style when specified.



Lifting Gear

Woodrite up & over garage doors are available with a choice of 2 types of lifting gear depending upon the required application.


Super Chassis

The Super Chassis is designed for use with all but the largest of garage doors from within the Buckingham, Monmouth, Warwick and Thetford range. With a lightweight steel construction incorporating a corrosion resistant chassis and integrated lifting gear the doors are solid, rigid and easy to operate. With this style of chassis you can choose between canopy action (suitable for single doors only) or retractable action (the one to specify if automating your garage door).


Woodrtie super chassis for up and over wooden garage doors


To maintain visual appearance the super chassis timber framed garage doors feature edge to edge timber so that the internal steel framework is not visible when looking from the side or bottom of the door. In comparison the top edge (which is always concealed from view) is made from steel to act as a slam strip when it closes onto the frame.


Masta Gear

Suitable for all sizes of Woodrite garage doors the masta gear chassis features a lightweight aluminium sub frame for doors with a panel built construction of where a solid build construction is specified the lifting gear fixes directly to the back of the timber panel. Single utilising this lifting gear are available with the option of “canopy” or “retractable” lifting gear. Double doors are only available to order with “retractable” gear. 


To ensure the maximum possible drive through width is achieved all but the heaviest of single garage doors with retractable lifting gear feature cranked arms at the height of most vehicles wing mirrors making it that little bit easier to get a larger vehicle inside the garage.



Side Hinged Garage Doors

Made to measure in mm increments the Woodrite York range of side hinged wooden garage doors are constructed by time served joiners to ensure a high quality construction and superior level of finish. Something that sets them ahead of their competitors!

Featuring traditional construction techniques such as mortice and tenon joints and ledge and braced rear face movement of the door is kept to a minimum thus preventing the panel from weakening over time. In addition to this the 43mm thick top, bottom and side rails are rebated eliminate the risk of gaps between the panels therefore helping to improve security.


Rear face of Woodrite side hinged wooden garage door showing braced construction


Side Hinged Wooden Garage Doors swing outwards onto the driveway to provide access. For your convenience and security all Woodrite side hinged designs are supplied with a night latch and finger pull or where specified come with the option of a mortice lock and lever set. In addition to this shoot bolts for the top and bottom of the door are also provided to keep the inactive panel closed. Finally to hold the door open a pair of door stays hold the door in place allowing for easier access.



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