Gliderol Insulated Roller Door | Technical Specification


Please read the following technical specifications for the various Gliderol insulated garage doors we have available. When ordering from us it is essential you fully understand the product and the space requirements in order to be able to fit the door on a DIY basis

To make this as easy as possible, we have provided you with an easy to understand illustrations shown below that can be used as a reference point.







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Internal & External Face Fixed Installations

This method of installation is by far the most popular as it ensures the maximum opening width and height is maintained. However, in order to be able to install the door in this manner the following space must be available.


  • Headroom Depending on the exact size of the opening you will generally require 300mm of internal headroom or where the opening is excessively wide and high you will need 360mm of space to be available.


  • Side room - Opening widths up to 3910mm x heights of 2134mm will be supplied with 70mm guides. Structural opening widths up to 3410mm x opening heights of between 2286mm & 2438mm will be supplied with 70mm guides. All other size configurations will be supplied with 90mm guides as standard.


Reveal Fixed Installations

Where headroom is restricted or the construction of the garage calls for the door to be reveal fixed (between the opening) it is important to remember that the physical drive through width and height will be reduced by the amount of space the guides and shutter hood require. 


  • Reduction in Opening Height - For the majority of doors you will loose 300mm off the existing structural opening height. This will increase to 360mm for larger heights. Please also be aware the bottom slat of the curtain also hangs down another 70mm so if you need to park a taller vehicle inside the garage please contact us and we will double check your measurements.


  • Reduction is Opening Width - The majority of opening widths up to 4050mm wide will loose 140mm of clear drive through width. Larger doors need wider guide channels therefore the reduction in width will become 180mm.



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Internal & External Face Fixed Installation

Taking up less space than the above design, this door can be fitted both internally and externally (with the addition of a full box).


  • Headroom - Gliderol compact roller doors require only 205mm of headroom making them ideal where internal space is restricted. 


  • Side room - You will need 68mm of side room to be available on each side of the structural opening to fully conceal the guides. 


Reveal Fixed Installations

  • Loss of Drive Through Height - If you need to fit the door between the opening due to restricted space, please be aware that you will loose 205mm off the clear drive through height (plus an additional 55mm for the amount the bottom lath hangs down)


  • Reduction in Clear Opening Width - With the guides fitted between the reveal you will reduce the drive through width by 136mm (width of 2 x 68mm guides).



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Due to the position of the locking bars, Gliderol manual insulated garage doors are only suitable for internal face fixed and reveal fixed installations. 


Internal Face Fixed

  • Headroom - Regardless of the size of door you require, you will need to have a minimum of 300mm of internal headroom space above the lintel.


  • Side room - All manual insulated roller doors are supplied with 70mm guides.


Reveal Fixed Installation

  • Reduction in Opening Height - With the shutter hood positioned directly under the lintel you will loose 300mm off the existing structural opening height. The bottom slat also hangs down by approx 70mm so make sure you factor this in if the opening is already quite low.


  • Loss of Drive Through Width - The clear opening width will be reduced by 140mm (width of 2 x 70mm guides).



Click here to see the insulated Gliderol manual roller door in more detail



Looking for Further Assistance?

If you still unclear your preferred roller door design is suitable for installation into your garage or have any questions you want answering please contact us by phone or email and we will offer assistance. Alternatively you may want to take a look at the following information.