Gliderol Roller Doors

Gliderol roller shutter garage door with classic car on driveway

Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Doors


Manufactured in the UK Gliderol have a superb range of roller shutter garage doors for sale at some incredible prices. Featuring a space saving design that offers both practicality, security and usability these garage doors are a great alternative to traditional garage doors. This is because the Gliderol single skin roller door does not swing out from the garage opening allowing for easier parking on the driveway and maximum internal storage space to be created.


Lightweight and east to operate a Gliderol roller shutter garage door is safe, reliable, makes minimal noise during its operation and requires minimal amounts of maintenance ensuring it provides maximum levels of performance at all times.


Constructed using high quality components the Gliderol single skin roller door features a ribbed profile and reinforced bottom rail to provide strength and security. Manual doors feature dual locking bars allowing for the curtain to be secured from outside and inside the garage. Automatic roller shutter doors do not feature this locking system as the motor will hold the door closed. Finally, to prevent dirt and debris from entering the garage the roller shutter features a weather seal fitted to the leading edge of the door.




Reason to Choose a Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Door

If you compare the benefits a garage roller shutter offers over conventional designs they will look much more appealing than a traditional Up & Over or side hinged garage door. This is because rather than retracting back inside the garage when the door is open the Gliderol roller door rolls into a neat coil located above and behind the lintel allowing maximum storage within the building. Due to this vertical lift design additional parking space is created on the driveway allowing for easier parking of vehicles

In addition to these excellent space saving benefits Gliderol roller shutter garage doors have a much more flexible design in terms of the position that they can be installed in.

With installation positions such as internal and reveal fixed available for both the single skin and insulated designs and an option of an external face fix for the latter design there really is a fitting option to suit any residential garage construction.


Gliderol garage door security features


Suitable for Any Shape Opening

When fitted inside the building Gliderol garage doors are suitable for any odd shaped opening as the curtain and guides simply overlap the back of the opening making them perfect for garages with arches or where the brickwork aperture is out of square.


White single skin Gliderol garage roller door fitted to residential garage attached to house


Gliderol Roller Doors Colour Range

Available in a choice of standard colours the Gliderol non insulated garage roller door features a hardwearing Plastisol paint finish the is difficult to scratch or mark making it an excellent solution for the busy residential driveway.


Gliderol roller doors colour chart


Where the look of timber is the preferred option the door is also available to order in a choice of Golden Oak, Rosewood laminated finishes and Mahogany woodgrain (painted) finish.


Glidermatic GRD Motor With Remote Control Operator

Golden Oak Gliderol electric garage roller door fitted to brick garage


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Designed to be used in conjunction with the Gliderol single skin garage roller door the Glidermatic GRD is a powerful and reliable motor that will offer smooth, quiet and reliable operation time after time (subject to correct installation).

Activated via remote control or a handy wall mounted control box located inside the garage, the Glidermatic motor will open and close the door at the press of a button making accessing the garage extremely convenient. Coupled to this is an inbuilt force limitation device that will stop and auto reverse the curtain if an object is detected ensuring safety of the user remains paramount at all times.

Other features supplied as standard with this system is an internal manual release that will enable to door to be operated by hand in the event of a power failure and a inbuilt courtesy light (integral to the control box) which ensures you always enter and exit a lit garage.