Insulated Roller Doors - Measuring Guide


Please watch the following videos or read and fully understand the below information highlighting the correct method of measuring the opening when planning on installing one of our insulated roller shutter garage doorsRemember, this style of door can be fitted in a variety of ways depending on the space that is available.




If you wish to install the door in a way not shown in the videos, please contact us on 0844 804 5577 and we will gladly work out the correct size you require.


Measuring the Width

Carefully measure the structural opening width from brick to brick in mm (to allow for any tolerances in the opening, meausirng the top, middle and bottom of the opening). 


Roller Door Measuring Guide


Measuring the Height

To establish the height required, measure the floor to underside of lintel (again we recommend doing this in 3 places to be sure the dimensions remain the same).


Measuring the height drawing

This will give you your ordering size (always width x height). In the example shown above this will be 2998mm (w) x 2400mm (h).


Headroom and Side Room

As the roller mechanism  and guides will fix to the back of the opening (inside the garage) you will now need to check you have enough space available to house the parts of the door correctly (to avoid any errors, we strongly advise to measure in at least 3 places and use the smallest dimension).


Checking the available space


To find out if you have enough space available so that the guides and roller mechanism are fully concealed from view when looking from the outside the garage, please refer to the relevant manufacturers guidelines here.


If space is restricted, please check with us prior to placing an order as many other fixing options are available.