Gliderol Steel Roller Door


Constructed from a continuous sheet of roll formed steel the Gliderol-a-door is a great option if you are looking for a space saving garage roller door on a limited budget. With a single skin construction, the shutter curtain is lightweight to operate yet provides sufficient levels of security to keep your valuables safe at all times.

When compared to a traditional canopy door that will swing out from the garage as it opens, the curtain of the Gliderol-a-door rolls up vertically resulting in the following benefits

  • Provides easier parking on the driveway as access issues will become a thing of the past.
  • Enables the maximum opening height to be achieved (provided there is sufficient headroom).
  • Affords more storage space inside the garage.




Smooth and Reliable Operation

Regardless of whether you choose manual or electric operation, the door will open and close in a smooth and quiet manner thanks to the Poly-Glide nylon webbing fitted between the guides and shutter curtain. Another benefit of this system is that it requires minimal maintenance meaning there is no longer a requirement to lubricate with messy oil and grease.



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