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Seceuroglide Garage Doors Installation Space Requirements


The most popular way of installing a Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Door is on the inside face of the brickwork in what is referred to as an “internal face fix” configuration. This method of installation enables the maximum opening width and height to be achieved because the door roll sits above the opening (behind the lintel) and the guides fit behind the opening.

As such, if you are wishing to purchase one of the Seceuroglide garage doors then it is essential the following is checked prior to ordering.


Seceuroglide Measuring Guide


Internal & External Face Fixed Seceuroglide Roller Shutter Garage Doors

  • Side room For structural openings up to 4450mm in width you will need to have a minimum of 75mm each side of the opening to provide a surface for the guides to fix. Structural openings over 4450mm will require 90mm of space to be available as the guides supplied are slightly wider on larger doors.


  • Internal HeadroomAll structural opening heights up to 2500mm on standard SeceuroGlide doors require a minimum of 300mm of headroom from the underside of the lintel to the nearest roof obstruction above. Structural opening heights up to 3500mm will require 350mm of space to be available.


Seceuroglide internal view

If you are intending on fitting the door in any other configuration please contact us as we will be able to offer any assistance you may require when working out sizes etc. 



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You may also want to watch the below videos showing the process as it may be easier to understand.