The UK`s Number 1 Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors

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Double garage fitted with 2 x Seceuroglide roller shutter garage doors finished in Golden Oak laminated wood grain

Seceuroglide Roller Garage Doors Lead the Market in Terms of Security & Quality


Leading the market in terms of security, quality and reliability the Seceuroglide insulated aluminium roller garage door will provide a great first line of defence for your car and home and as a result should not be compared to cheaper forms of roller door.

If you make a like for like comparison of insulated roller doors you will realise that the features offered on the Seceuroglide roller garage door by far exceed any other UK manufacturer ensuring this premium quality door has been the preferred option for homeowners, builder and architects for well over a decade as it represents exceptional value for money.

One of the most popular features of this quality roller door is the patented locking system that makes Seceuroglide one of the most secure garage roller doors in the UK. If this wasn’t enough to provide peace of mind, where a higher level of security is required the Seceuroglide Excel is available which has been tested and approved to meet the rigorous demands of the “Secured by Design” certification rating.

For over 25 years the Seceuroglide brand has been setting the trend in vertical lift garage door design. Over that time the doors have been developed with the latest improvements to ensure reliability, smooth operation and compliance with all the latest CE marking and safety legislation.

As a result of this continued product development and high quality components we believe the Seceuroglide range of doors offer the best value for money of any UK manufacturer.


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Seceuroglide garage door shown from the inside

To ensure strength and durability Seceuroglide insulated roller garage doors are manufactured using interlocking foam filled aluminium slats that slide between extruded aluminium guide channels. With minimal friction and stress the doors are quiet to operate and require harly any maintenance making them perfect for busy modern homeowners work / life schedule.

To prevent the individual slats from sliding out of alignment and to ensure the smoothest operation of any model Seceuroglide doors feature tough nylon webbing rather than the traditional plastic endlocks as these can deteriorate over time resulting in improper operation of the door.

Seceuroglide garage roller doors shown fitted to a variety of garages


Seceuroglide Offers Automation as Standard

To provide the user with the most convenient means of operation Seceuroglide roller doors feature automation as standard using the market leading Somfy motor combined with a compact hand held remote control. Complete with a comprehensive 5 year warranty this world renowned motor offers smooth and quiet operation time after time ensuring effortless access inside your garage as and when required.


The choice of remote controls available to order with the Seceuroglide roller door


 When ordering a new Seceuroglide insulated roller shutter garage door you can choose any 2 hand held remotes from the standard options or for improved control why not consider adding key switches, wireless digital keypads or even the Seceuroglide Connect or Seceuroglide Connect+ that will enable control of the door using the latest smart phone?

 Inside the garage the Seceurosense wall mounted control box also allows for push button operation whilst the inbuilt courtesy light ensures you will always enter and exit a well lit garage


Safety Features

Fully compliant with the latest CE marking and safety legislation the Seceuroglide electric insulated roller shutter garage door is inherently designed with the safety of the user in mind at all times. With a bottom slat sensor fitted to the leading edge of the door and anti drop devices fitted (where required) you can be safe in the knowledge that the moving door will not cause damage to people or property even if one of the parts should fail. Additionally in locations where the garage opens directly onto a public area such as a road or pavement optional photo cells can also be fitted.


Photos of the safety features on Seceuroglide garage doors


Force Limitation Safety Requirement

Beware of companies offering cheap roller garage doors that rely on photo cells as the only means of safety. The legislation that covers the need for a door to be able to stop in the event it comes into contact with a person or property is BS EN 12453 (Safety in use of Power Operated Doors). This requirement calls for the use of a type c pressure sensor device (or more commonly referred to as a safety edge) to provide force limitation thus preventing injury or damage to property. Cheap garage roller doors will likely not have this system fitted so always ask you retailer for proof of compliance if you are in any doubt.



Peace of Mind Security

With both the Seceuroglide and Seceuroglide Excel featuring a patented locking system as standard the level of security you garage can benefit from is greatly improved over other manufacturers designs. To see for yourself take a look at the attack videos here.








Designed to incorporate a unique security system that features a locking collar and bolt the Seceuroglide door will hold the door closed resisting attempts to lift the curtain. This is in comparison to other roller shutter doors that can be raised a few inches (even when locked) leaving the contents of your garage vulnerable to thieves and criminals.


Reduces Parking Issues

One of the main attractions of a vertical lift garage door is that it is able to maximise the available space both inside and outside the garage. This is because parking close to the opening does not pose any access issues as the curtain opens straight up and down (something that is not possible with up & over or side hinged designs).


A Choice of Low Maintenance Painted Colour & Laminated Finishes to Choose From

Seceuroglide garage door colour chart


With a choice of 14 painted colours to choose from in a powder coated paint finish along with a choice of laminated woodgrain effect there is a colour to match and residential setting or where a bespoke appearance is the preferred option all Seceuroglide roller shutter garage doors can also be finished in any available RAL colour.

Available to buy online from Roller Garage Door Sale the Seceuroglide roller garage door is available in made to measure sizes to ensure the perfect fit to your garage. For more information please view our online shopcontact us or take a look at some of the following useful pages detailed below.