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White insulated sectional garage doors fitted to a double garage


If you are looking to buy high quality Insulated Sectional Garage Doors at some of the most competitive prices online Roller Garage Door Sale have a great range of products to select from by many leading UK manufacturers including GliderolSeceuroglide and Alutech. Designed to provide thermal performance, security and aesthetic appeal our great range of insulated garage doors for sale provide convenience, smooth and reliable operation and will ultimately improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.


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With discount garage door prices, great levels of customer service and a nationwide delivery service the team at Roller Garage Door Sale are confident you will find a size, colour and design specification to meet the requirements of most residential properties at a competitive price.

Our range of insulated doors include:

  • Gliderol Sectional Doors
  • Seceuroglide Insulated Sectional Garage Door – Ribbed
  • Seceuroglide Georgian Cassette
  • Alutech Unribbed


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Alternatively to view a range of space saving vertical lift insulated roller doors we are also able to offer the following options:



Why Choose an Insulated Sectional Door?

Providing many benefits to the home owner an insulated garage door is a great investment for any residential setting. With features such as vertical lift operation, double skinned panel and dense foam filled core the doors offer an effective means of securing the contents of your garage whilst helping to reduce heat loss from within the home.



Vertical Lift Design

Sectional garage door internal tracking mechanism


Designed to rise vertically within the opening a sectional door does not swing out from the garage as it is opened and closed. Instead the door comprises 4 panels that run vertically within metal channels and simply retracts back inside the building along metal runners fixed to the ceiling.

This simple but effective design means parking and access issues are a thing of the past. Something especially useful if your home only has a short driveway or where the garage opens directly onto a road.




Comparison of single skin and insulated sectional door panels showing additional thickness benefits


Manufactured with foam filled insulation sandwiched between a double skin of steel the sectional overhead garage door is strong, rigid and offers great levels of insulation (when compared to a single skin door). Perfect for attached garages or where the space is to be used as a workshop these quality garage doors will help to prevent heat escaping from the home whilst preventing cool air from entering the building resulting in a more regulated internal temperature and ultimately a more energy efficient home.



Excellent Levels of Security

Featuring a double skinned door panel (usually around 40-45mm thick) sectional garage doors are extremely secure when compared to other designs. With minimal weak points, sturdy runners and high strength locking bars (featured on a manual door) they will provide an effective means of securing the contents of your garage at an affordable price.



A Wide Range of Sizes

Gliderol insulated sectional doors painted in Anthracite grey fitted to a double garage


Suitable for any residential setting our range of insulated sectional garage doors are available to buy online in a choice of sizes to suit most requirements. With a number of standard doors to choose from along with bespoke size options available finding the right garage door solution to meet your specific needs is easy and affordable.  


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Summary of Benefits

  • Constructed in the UK to industry leading standards to ensure strength and durability.
  • Energy efficient door panel will help reduce heat loos resulting in savings on energy bills.
  • Versatile design can be fitted to most residential garages.
  • Suitable for manual or electric operation.
  • Manufactured in a range of modern and traditional designs.
  • Available to order in a range of colours to best suit your home.
  • Designed to be safe to the user (thanks to features such as anti drop device and anti pinch finer protection joints).
  • Weather seals all round keep draughts and debris getting in the garage.
  • All doors are CE marked to comply with modern EU legislation.
  • Excellent warranty periods provide peace of mind.


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