Alutech Sectional Garage Door - Technical Specification


Customers looking to buy Alutech insulated sectional garage doors are strongly advised to read the technical details shown below to ensure adequate space is available within the garage to house the tracking mechanism.

If you are unsure of the steps involved, are confused by the terminology or simply require further assistance please contact Roller Garage Door Sale on 0844 804 5577 or email us using the enquiry form and will be on hand to provide answers to your questions.


Sectional Garage Door Lifting Mechanisms

Depending on the construction of your garage and the size of door require Alutech offer 3 different styles of lifting gear. Below we detail the installation space required for each design.


Alutech sectional overhead doors fitted to a double garage


Side Mounted Tension Springs

Compatible with sectional doors up to 3353mm wide this system is easy to install and requires minimal amounts of space to be available therefore a great option for single garages.


Alutech sectional door side spring system


Internal Face Fixed Installations

Side Room : To have the vertical guides fully concealed behind the face of the brickwork opening the there will need to be a minimum of 90mm of space available on each side of the aperture.

Headroom: To provide sufficient room to house the horizontal tracking mechanism an Alutech sectional door fitted with side springs will need to have a minimum of 100mm of headroom (measured from the underside of the lintel to the lowest obstruction above). Where an electric garage door is the preferred option this space will increase to a minimum of 150mm.



Rear Mounted Torsion Springs

This type of lifting mechanism is designed to be used where the garage features reduced amounts of headroom but the opening is too wide to utilise the side spring system.


Alutech sectional garage door rear torsion spring system


Internal Face Fixed Installations

Side Room: Where the door is fitted to the inside face of the garage you will need to have at least 90mm of space available on both sides of the opening.

Headroom: Measured from the bottom of the lintel to the lowest obstruction above the rear mounted torsion spring system needs a minimum of 100mm of space. Where the sectional door is to be automated this will increase to 150mm.



Front Torsion Springs

 Generally used for large double doors the front mounted torsion spring system features a heavy duty spring that fixes directly to the back of the lintel. Due to this design additional space is required inside the garage meaning it is not suitable for many residential applications due to limited headroom.


Alutech sectional doors top torsion spring system


Internal Face Fixed Installations

Side Room: To house the vertical tracks fully behind the opening a minimum of 90mm must be available on both sides of the aperture.

Headroom: Inside the garage there must be at least 210mm of space (measured from the bottom of the lintel to the lowest obstruction). If you are having an electric operator fitted this will increase the requirement by 50mm.



Reveal Fixed Installations

Where the garage is constructed with no return at the front (ie 2 straight side walls) or where the opening extends all the way up to the roof it may be necessary to fit the door in between the opening in what is commonly referred to as a “reveal fixed” installation. If you feel this may apply to your garage contact us today for help and advice.

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