Gliderol Sectional Doors - Technical Specification


Roller Garage Door Sale strongly advise customers looking to buy a Gliderol Sectional Garage Door to read and fully understand the installation space requirements before committing to a purchase. The reason for this is that not all garages are suitable for this door type and failure to check adequate space is available to house the tracking mechanism can result in a garage door that does not fit.

Sectional door tracking mechanism


Installation Space Requirements for a Gliderol Sectional Door


Gliderol Panel Glide sectional door installation requirements


Internal Face Fixed

Where the door is to be installed inside the garage in a face fixed manner it is essential that the correct amount of side room and headroom is available for the running gear

Side Room: The minimum amount of internal space required on each side of the opening is 90mm however to make installation easier and to allow for any tolerances within the building we recommend at least 100mm be available.

Headroom: This is measured from the underside of the lintel to the nearest obstruction above. In the case of a sectional door this space is usually limited by the roof trusses. At present Gliderol electric doors need to have a minimum of 150mm of headroom and a manual door will need to have at least 170mm of space.

In instances where the full amount of headroom and side room is not available a Gliderol sectional garage door can still be installed however the sizes will need to be worked out more carefully. In these instances please contact us for help and advice.


Gliderol sectional overhead door technical drawing


Reveal Fixed

Where no headroom or side room is available or in instances where the pillars at the front of the garage are very wide you may wish to install the door within the opening in what is commonly referred to as a reveal fixed installation.

Please be aware that fitting the garage door in this manner will result in a loss of width and height that is equal to the width and height of the tracking mechanism. If the construction of your garage dictates that you need to install the garage door in this manner please contact us today for further assistance.

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