Manual Roller Doors



Available to buy online in a choice of 13 painted colours and 3 laminated wood grain effect finishes, our range of manual roller doors are manufactured in made to measure sizes to ensure the perfect fit to any residential garage opening.

  Gliderol single skin roller doors shown from inside and outside


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Gliderol Manual Garage Roller Doors are Lightweight & Simple to Operate

Featuring a spring assisted mechanism, manually operated roller shutter garage doors are easy to open and close by hand. Once installed correctly, the spring tension will aid the user to create a smooth and lightweight operation that all the family can operate.

To secure the curtain in place, a centre mounted key lock is provided with dual locking bars. For further protection, the bottom rail is also reinforced to protect against intruder penetration.

               Features of the Gliderol roller door


Can Be Retrofitted with a Motor

With the addition of the RW-1 motor you can upgrade to automation at a later date should you find this more convenient.


Single Skin Roller Garage Doors Require Minimal Maintenance

Gliderol roller garage doors have minimal moving parts meaning there is very little that can go wrong over time. Other than a regular service, the product will provide years of trouble free operation at an affordable price.  

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Gliderol Single Skin Roller Door (Manual Opening)

  • Suitable for any residential garage.
  • Manufactured in the UK in made to measure sizes
  • Available in a choice of colours to suit your home.

Gliderol Mini Roller Door (Manual Opening)

  • Compact roller mechanism requires less headroom than the standard door.
  • Space saving vertical lift design.
  • Can be automated at a later date.

Gliderol Single Skin Roller Door - Laminated Finishes (Manual Opening)

  • Available in sizes up to 4900mm wide.
  • Provides security at an affordable price.
  • High quality wood grain finish will match existing windows and doors.
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Gliderol Mini Roller Door - Laminated Finishes (Manual Opening)

  • Lightweight and easy to operate by hand.
  • Easy to install and requires minimal amounts of maintenance.
  • Provides improved security when compared to traditional designs.
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