Woodrite Balmoral Wooden Garage Doors

Woodrite Balmoral Wooden Garage Doors

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Available to buy online in 24 beautiful designs, Woodrite Balmoral Wooden Garage Doors will add a magnificent statement to the entrance of any garage. Handmade to industry leading standards by a team of time served joiners each door features carefully selected timbers including cedar mouldings, cedar tongue & groove boards and raised and fielded cedar panels for timeless appeal.
Woodrite Balmoral timber garage door fitted to a large double garage
Unlike the Somerset and Buckingham range the Woodrite Balmoral Up & Over Garage Doors are constructed without the need for a steel or aluminium sub-frame as they feature wider and deeper wooden rails that reduce the risk of sagging (large door may feature additional bracing). As a result of this construction process the retractable lifting gear simply fixes directly to the back of the door which results in a far neater installation.
Take a look at the beautiful hand crafted timber designs below or browse the categories below if you are unable to find the style you require.
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Woodrite Balmoral Timber Up & Over Garage Door Range

The Coach House collection of craftsmen built wooden garage doors
Woodrite Balmoral Wooden Garage Doors - Available in 24 Handcrafted Timber Designs

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To enhance the appearance of these timeless garage doors Woodrite offer a number of optional extras which are detailed below.

Choose You Handle

Woodrite garage doors handle options


All wooden garage doors manufactured using the Super Chassis will be fitted with a centrally mounted black handle as standard on the outside and multi point locks on the inside to ensure a good level of security is achieved whenever the garage door is closed. Where timber doors are manufactured using the Masta Chassis it is possible to select from a black, silver or gold effect finish to help you better match the handle to existing architectural features. In addition to this where you intend to add an electric motor to the door Woodrite can even manufacture with the handle and lock omitted completely.


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Select the Appropriate Frame

Up & over timber garage door frame options


Woodrite offer a range of frames that are suitable for use with the Buckingham range of up & over garage doors. The recommended sizes for single doors are 70mm x 70mm (timber) and 75mm x 75mm (steel). Double doors (over 10ft 6”) are to be fitted to a 70mm x 90mm timber frame.

The following frame options are available from Woodrite

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Cedar Clad Softwood
  • Cedar Clad Hardwood
  • Idigbo Hardwood
  • Oak Hardwood
  • Steel (a choice of white or brown powder coated finish)

For help or advice choosing the most appropriate frame please contact us now.

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Ready to Stain on Site or Factory Finished?

Factory applied finishes for Woodrite garage doors

Up & Over Garage Doors within the Balmoral range are available to order with a base coat stain as standard or where a fully finished door is preferred Woodrite are able to manufacture doors with a choice of factory applied stains to ensure a good match to existing finishes such as windows and doors. Please be aware that if selecting the standard base coat stain it is essential the door is finished on site prior to being installed or becoming exposed to the elements as staining can occur if exposed to rain.

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Choose the Glazing Style

Woodrite Balmoral timber garage door window glazing options


A number of garage door within the Balmoral range feature windows integrated into the design. In these instances the standard glazing option is stippled polycarbonate. If another form of glazing is required the following options are available.

  • Stippled Plain
  • Stippled Square Lead
  • Stippled Diamond Lead
  • Clear

Up & Over Timber Garage Doors Explained

To find out more details about how Woodrite make a garage door click the image above of to find answers to many common enquiries take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.


If you would like more details on one of the up & over designs within the Balmoral range contact us today with your sizes and we will provide a quote. Alternatively take a look at the rest of our online shop to see what other garage doors are available.


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