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Handmade in the UK to exacting standards the Woodrite Monmouth range of Oak garage doors are simply beautiful. Featuring solid oak mouldings and oak faced exterior ply (to keep weight and movement of the timber to a minimum) the choice of timeless designs will enhance the appearance of any property without compromising on security.

Available to order in standard and made to measure sizes up to 4877mm in width in a choice of 12 aesthetically pleasing designs the Monmouth range is a panel built design and as a result utilises both masta gear and super chassis options to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the door time after time.


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To find your perfect Oak garage door take a look at the 12 beautiful designs detailed below.


The coach house collection of craftsmen built wooden garage doors

Woodrite monmouth range of oak garage doors


If none of the designs catch your eye within the stunning Monmouth range of craftsmen built doors we recommend you take a look at the other wooden garage doors for sale within this website by selecting from the links below.


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Once you have chosen you preferred Oak Garage Door design it is possible to select from a number of optional extras including handle designs, frames, finishes and even window glazing options. To see what is available read below.



Handles & Locks for Oak Up & Over Doors


Door handle options for Woodrite up and over wooden garage doors


Depending on the type of chassis specified you will have a choice of handles to select from. Wooden garage doors fitted to the Super Chassis system will have a black handle mounted to the centre of the door as standard. Where the garage door panel is to be mounted to the Masta Chassis there is the option of selecting a black, silver or brass effect finish to help match the handle to existing windows and doors.  The internal locking mechanism for both retractable and canopy design features twin latches operated by a rod or cable as the handle is turned.  


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Frame Options


Frame options for up and over timber garage doors


To complement the range of Monmouth Oak garage doors Woodrite offer some great frame options in the following materials

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Cedar Clad Softwood
  • Cedar Clad Hardwood
  • Idigbo Hardwood
  • Oak Hardwood
  • Steel (a choice of white or brown powder coated finish)

Frame sizes will vary according to the size of door you need and the material the frame is made from. As a general rule we recommend single doors are fitted to a 70mm x 70mm timber frame or a 75mm x 75mm steel frame. It s recommended that double doors (over 10ft 6”) are fitted to a 70mm x 90mm timber frame.

If you would like help and advice selecting the right frame please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email or send you question using the enquiry form.


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Finishes for Oak Garage Doors

Stain options for Oak garage door within the Woodrite Monmouth range


All Wooden Up & Over Garage Doors within the Monmouth range are supplied with a fully finished factory applied stain in a choice of shade options shown below ((see picture below). Under normal conditions the stain used will provide up to 5 years of protection however may fade or change colour over time (this is due to natural processes within the timber and will not reduce the protection of the stain).


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Garage Door Windows

Window options for Woodrite Monmouth Oak garage doors


Within the Monmouth range Woodrite offer a number of styles fitted with windows. As standard the galzing option is stippled polycarbonate however where specified a number of alternative glazing options are available including:

  • Stippled Plain
  • Stippled Square Lead
  • Stippled Diamond Lead
  • Clear



Up & Over Timber Garage Doors Explained


For more information on the Woodrite range of garage doors click here or to find answers to common queries refer to our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page.



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