Birkdale Sectional Garage Doors

Birkdale Sectional Garage Doors


UK Made Sectional Doors For Sale by Birkdale


Manufactured to an industry leading standard whilst retaining a competitive price point Birkdale Sectional Garage Doors are second to none in terms of aesthetics, sizes, colour and panel profile. Featuring many benefits such as an insulated door panel, anti pinch finger protection, smooth and reliable operation and heavy duty rubber seal along the bottom edge of the door they provide security and thermal performance making them a great investment for any property regardless the size of your garage.


Birkdale Sectional Doors – Safety Built in as Standard

In order to ensure the end user remains safe at all times when the door is being operated all Birkdale sectional garage doors have a number of safety features built in as standard.


Birkdale Sectional Door Safety


Spring Break Safety Device

To meet statutory requirements Birkdale garage doors are fitted with a spring break safety device which will prevent the door dropping in the event of one of the major components failing. This essential safety device will therefore prevent injury to the user and prevent further damage to the door.


Anti Lift Security

Where you preferred choice is an electric sectional door the automatic operator features an anti lift device which is designed to hold the door in the closed position even when somebody tries to force the door open by hand.


Burglary Protection

Where a Birkdale sectional garage door is fitted with a manual locking mechanism you can rest assured your valuable will remain safe even if a criminal comes calling as all locks are SKG certified.


Safety Edge Technology

To prevent damage to property and injury to the user all Birkdale electric garage doors feature a force limitation device built into the motor. This means that if additional resistance is placed on the motor during its closing cycle the motor will automatically stop and auto-reverse itself back to the open position.


Finger Trap Protection

Designed to prevent injury the door panels feature anti pinch guards to prevent fingers getting caught in between panels as they open and close.         



Birkdale Sectional Garage Door Designs

Birkdale sectional door designs


In order to create the perfect look to your property it is essential that the garage door blends in with your homes existing architectural design and for this reason Birkdale have some stunning options on offer.



High Line – Designed for any UK Garage

Birkdale high line sectional garage doors


Available in a choice of 4 insulated panel designs in a smooth, stucco or woodgrain finish the High Line range of sectional doors are one of our best selling products. Offering security, practicality and durability as standard this range of doors can be supplied in a manual or electric operation in a choice of painted colours they will prove a great addition to any UK property.



Wood Line – Retain a Traditional Appearance

Birkdale wood line sectional garage doors


Where a wood effect door is the preferred options Birkdale offer a number of textured laminated finishes to simulate the appearance of timber whilst retaining the benefits of an insulated steel panel. Manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit your garage the Wood Line range of doors are available in 3 ribbed panel profiles and one traditional cassette design to ensure there is an option to suit any UK property.



Design Line – Make a Bold Statement


Birkdale design line sectional garage doors


If you are looking for something a little different why not consider the Design Line range of sectional doors. Featuring a series of pronounced embossments the doors will make a magnificent statement to the entrance of any contemporary property. Available in a choice of lifting gear to suit the available headroom space inside the garage these high quality garage doors are simply amazing value for money, provide excellent levels of security and will ultimately enhance the look of your property making them a must have additional for any style conscious homeowner looking to make improvements to the garage.



Glazed Aluminium – Unlimited Possibilities

Birkdale glazed aluminium sectional garage doors


Create a personalised garage door using the Birkdale glazed aluminium panels. With endless possibilities available using a combination of transparent and blank panels you are free to create the perfect door to suit your requirements.



To find out more about the stunning range of UK made Birkdale sectional garage doors or need help and advice choosing a style to meet your individual needs call now on 0844 804 5577 or send an email to