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Here at Roller Garage Door Sale we understand that domestic garages are often built in different ways and as such choosing a replacement door is not always as easy as it sounds. With this in mind here we have detailed some of the most common problems you may encounter when looking for a suitable garage door design along with solutions that are available to overcome the issue you may encounter.

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Problem - What is a standard garage door size?

Solution - The honest answer to this is that unless you are looking for a basic up and over garage door most manufacturers rarely have what might be termed a “standard size”. In fact in terms of our roller doors and sectional doors they are all made to measure (in mm increments) to ensure the proper and correct fit to the opening they will be securing.

This means that retrofitting a new door is very easy. Simply measure the opening width and height and this will become the ordering size (provided sufficient space is available inside the garage to house the door mechanism).

Furthermore, if you are constructing a new build garage this makes setting out the opening very easy as you can simply construct the opening in a manner where the brickwork bond is maintained helping to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the external elevation of where the door is fitted.


Problem – The floor of the garage is not level

Solution – A small amount of irregularity across the opening should not pose a problem however if you have discovered that the floor of the garage slopes severely to one side you may encounter difficulties in finding an appropriate door design from any manufacturer`s standard range of products therefore the only solution is to level the floor with a screed or cut a timber fillet so the part of the floor where the door closes down onto is level (this is not ideal).

Despite this, in some cases certain manufacturers such as Seceuroglide are able to offer roller garage doors with a sloping bottom rail or can also provide magnets for the safety edge system to ensure it remain operating in the correct manner.


Problem – I have just bought a large vehicle and it will not fit into the garage as the mirrors catch on the frame

Solution – If your existing garage door is fitted between the opening where it is mounted onto a wooden frame the most practical and affordable way of squeezing a few extra inches at the sides is to remove the frame all together and select a design that can be mounted to the back face of the opening. This internal fixed configuration means that the full width of the structural opening will remain available making access easier.

In these instances we recommend the following door types

For more information on this these type of doors or for installation advice refer to our technical specification pages of our online store or take a look at the measuring guide to find out what size you will need to order.


Problem – The garage is attached to the house and there is no return built on one side (only a straight sidewall)

Solution – This is a common place where the garage has been added on at a later date. To overcome the problem there are several options available however the most appropriate solution is largely dictated by the garage door design you want to install and your own personal preferences.

Up & Over: As this type of door will need to have a frame fitted in the first place the fact that there is no return on one side of the opening does not pose an issue at all.

Roller Garage Door: If you are choosing this type of door then there will be quite a few options available to you. For example you could fit a timber post on one side of the opening and fix the guide to the back of it then on the other side fix the guide to the back of the brickwork. Alternatively you could fit 2 posts and fix the guides to the back of both of them (this would look the most pleasing in terms of aesthetics).

Furthermore if you specify an insulated roller garage door you could remove the need for posts altogether and simply attach the guides to the sidewall. As they are matched to the colour of the curtain they will blend in perfectly and as they are constructed from aluminium will remove the potential for rotting timber.

Click here for more information on non insulated Gliderol Roller Doors or view the UK`s number 1 insulated roller garage door design here.


Problem – The garage has been constructed with very deep reveals (pillars) and i cannot afford to lose any length of the garage.

Solution – Regardless of the type of garage door you choose the simplest solution is to mount it as far forward as possible within the opening. In these instances our wooden garage doors are an excellent choice or if you would prefer a design that does not pass through the opening as it operated another great option is the Seceuroglide Roller Garage Door or one of our insulated sectional doors fitted using a “between the reveal” fixing kit.

For more information on these types of installation contact us to discuss your options.


Problem – My existing sectional garage door is very heavy to lift and want to install an electric opener to make opening and closing the door easier

Solution – If you find that your existing garage door is heavy or difficult to open the most likely culprit is the spring tension and will require some adjustment prior to simply fitting an electric operator. Failure to get the door correctly balanced prior to fitting the motor will lead to excessive amounts of strain being placed on it leading to premature failure of the operator.


Problem – The garage door is the only means of accessing the building. What happens in the event of a power failure?

Solution – If you are planning on fitting a electric garage door then the best solution to allow access in the event of a power failure is to install an external manual release. This is basically a sleeve of cable that passes through the wall that it attached to the motor. When the lockable cover is removed the cable can be pulled to detach the motor mechanism on the inside which in turn allows the door to be opened manually from the outside.


Problem – We have to move the car back from the garage door every time we want to access the building.

Solution – If your driveway has parking issues or you often find accessing the garage difficult the best solution is to install a vertical lift roller door or sectional door. These 2 designs do not swing out from the opening as the operate meaning you can park with the bumper of your car virtually touching the door without encountering an operating issues.


Problem – Our double garage has 2 small doors on at present and we need to replace with one larger one however there is a pillar in the middle.

Solution – These types of alterations will require the services of a professional builder as you will likely need to install a large steel RSJ to support the roof load.



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