Seceuroglide Roller Garage Door


Manufactured in the UK by SWS the Seceuroglide range of insulated aluminium roller garage doors combine attractive design features, high quality components and modern manufacturing techniques to produce one of the very best domestic garage door designs on the market making them the number 1 choice for homeowners looking for a high specification product at an affordable price.

Leading the way in research and development Seceuroglide aluminium insulated roller garage doors were the first of its kind to be developed for the UK and as a result are now one of the most technically advanced roller doors on the market. With many unique design features they provide excellent levels of security, thermal and acoustic performance, smooth and quiet operation and years of trouble free usage making it suitable for any residential garage within the UK.

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Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Door


Seceuroglide – The UK`s Best Insulated Roller Garage Door

With a proven track record in innovation and design the Seceuroglide brand is renowned in the industry as the most advanced insulated roller garage door that has many security features not available with other manufacturer`s designs. Furthermore, for homeowners seeking the very highest levels of security the Seceuroglide Excel is the first of its kind to have the “Secured by Design” status having been tested to achieve official UK Police and insurance standards.                                 

Garages with limited amounts of headroom have not been overlooked either as the Seceuroglide Compact requires just 205mm of headroom thanks to the smaller lath, guides and shutter box ensuring even garages of every size and configuration can now enjoy the many benefits of and insulated roller door.

Don`t have power in the garage? SWS have this covered aswell thanks to the Seceuroglide Manual. Featuring a spring assisted barrel this high quality insulated roller door is lightweight, easy to operate and is an excellent choice where no access to electricity is available.


Standard SWS Seceuroglide Paint Finishes

  • Burgundy
  • Brown,
  • White
  • Light Beige
  • Fir Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Silver Metallic
  • Anthracite
  • Graphite
  • Heritage Green
  • Ivory
  • Light Grey
  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Chartwell Green
  • English Oak
  • Walnut
  • Natural Oak

Seceuroglide roller garage door colour chart


SWS Seceuroglide Installation

Depending on the construction of the garage it may be necessary to install the door in a number of ways. Featuring a versatile design the Seceuroglide insulated roller garage door can be fitted internally, externally (with the addition of a full box) or between the opening. In fact the door has such a versatile design that it can also be configured to accommodate pretty much any fitting requirement.


seceuroglide roller garage doors fitting positions


Why Choose Seceuroglide?

  • Insulated foam filled slats provide thermal and acoustic performance
  • Wide range of painted colours and laminated finishes
  • LPCB and Secured by design status (Seceuroglide Excel)
  • Doors are delivered on specifically designed manufacturers own vehicles to minimise the risk of damage
  • High quality packaging protects the door in transit.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Double ribbed lath profile
  • Webbing is used to hold the slats together to the cannot be removed even if one of the lath is cut
  • Reduced opening and closing times that to unique locking mechanism
  • The use of an extruded top and bottom slat provides enhanced security
  • Available in 4 levels of specification (LT, Classic, Excel, Manual)


Side Guide Rails

  • Supplied with 75mm or 90mm extruded aluminium guides fitted with brush strips for quieter operation (Seceuroglide Compact has 60mm guides)
  • Choice of painted colours



  • Supplied with 205mm, 300mm or 350mm steel endplates (powder coated white, black or brown as standard) depending on the height and model of door chosen
  • Unique locking mechanism
  • Available with a full box or half box fascia



Seceuroglide automatic insulated aluminium roller doors all feature the following as standard

  • 2 x Remote controls
  • Wall mounted internal control box with courtesy light and up down buttons
  • Wireless safety edge system stops the door if an object is detected
  • Spring is fitted to the barrel to prevent the curtain from dropping
  • The motor will stop if an object is inserted into the coil
  • Manual override and winder handle
  • Powered by a smooth and reliable Somfy motor with a 5 year guarantee


Want to Find Out More?

To find out more details on the superb Seceuroglide insulated roller garage door range click the links below. Alternatively to find out how much space is required to install the doors for the size of the opening you have refer to our technical specification page. You can also watch the video here on how to measure the opening.

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Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Door

  • Market leading garage roller door design.
  • Provides high levels of security.
  • UK manufactured to industry leading standards.
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Seceuroglide Excel Insulated Roller Garage Door

  • High security roller shutter garage door
  • Tested to Police and insurance approved standards.
  • Complete with 2 x remote controls.
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Seceuroglide Compact Insulated Roller Garage Door

  • Excellent value UK manufactured garage door.
  • Requires minimal amounts of headroom.
  • Available in a range of colours.
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